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Like piecemeal took my He started in two thousand fifteen in started like once in a while. Get the guys together and record something or send it back and forth. How did this album come together. Well we've been using the same method to make songs now since probably the mid to late os which is when paul feels like it and has an inspiration or has any spare time. He'll record tracks at his studio. He'll get them up to sort of a pre-production state and then he'll send it to me and either he does or doesn't already have ideas for lyrics melody to the extent that he doesn't i provide that and then i come in and sing the song when we get to a sort of critical mass and they to put out an album. They meaning paul and our manager than we go through the effort of doing it for a while. we tried only releasing singles. Because i'm way more into the sort of modern internet content than than they are. And i tried to convince the name of the game now is is no longer selling albums to make money. That's dead the name now is to maintain attention to benefit us. The most we need to maintain a sense that we're an ongoing concern. That is still doing stuff regularly. So that people have an incentive to pay attention and that that would behoove us a lot more than putting out an album every three to five years in between which no one would think about us at all so we released a couple of singles on that for five months schedule. But then you know the lure of putting an alabama man me too much and now putting on another happened to find with information society singer. Kurt larson we're gonna take a break and be merry go. She is a grammy nominated. Folksinger and songwriter. And she just read a book which is part memoir and part how to write a song. It's called saved by a song. The art and healing power of songwriting pleasurable. Read because we kind of learned about her life through her songs a love her most popular songs and even some songs that inspired her and she tied it into her life. She kind of walked us through the songwriting process. And what is needed to create a memorable song if the great lesson but also she has such an interesting story herself initially a restaurant tour and later in life. She made a left turn and became a songwriter paved by a song. The art and healing power of songwriting is available at your local bookstores. Yes we loved the indie bookstores. but we also love. I love audiobooks. So if you go to audible it's available there. It is highly recommended. That's mary go as save by song the art and healing power of songwriting and minds crash. Get it now all right so holly we just had some fun playing a new online game. We played this game nine truths. It's a game where you anonymously answer. True and false questions you can do it on your phone or your laptop. Setup is super easy takes less than a minute and then you guess how many of your group answer true and you score points based on how well you know your friends. It was fun to hear some of the stories. Like i had no idea that you could burp. On-command yeah well. Congratulations now there. You do know that like the game says there are nine questions. You're playing games and like. How long is this game. This is not monopoly. This nine questions true or false questions. Depending on the group you can pick different topics. I picked dinner party. There's nine truths for schools. Age appropriate for kids and teachers are family. We do these online games. I never heard of nine troops before but now that we've played it. I'm going to suggest that we go to nine truce game. Dot com backslash. W d d. I am and give it a go is for. What difference does it make log onto ninety s game. Dot com backslash wd..

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