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Who plays bass guitar in a band called thirty seconds to mars yeah guess what whoever this was jarad leto and thirty seconds to mars saw heroes are track trying here's a trash walk thirty tomorrow all right here's the thing now i have to talk about it my wife taylor massive jury little thin i'm about ninety nine percent sure that if you had the opportunity to leave me for jared leto that would go down she loves thirty seconds to mars she loves jerry leto i'm with you thirty seconds to mars is not a good band i don't enjoy their music i don't think there's anything special in particular about anything they've ever done musically that being said they have a massive worldwide falling in jared leto is the reason this guy compared donald glover injured does because they've both had a great amount of success in different realms being acting and music but listen guy i appreciate you trying to make it least someone you know of connect them to donald glover and everything he's accomplished but it's not the same ballgame this is not the same ballgame in in terms of cultural influence it's not even close and then the second jared leto did the fucking suicide squad his stock plummeted that being said he has done other fantastic movies like dallas buyers club which won best supporting actor for believe and he was unbelievable but i still don't put them in the same ballpark because donald glover is creating a lot of things like it lanta the hit tv show he did thirty rock he's done writing he's done producing he's done he's he's just done more and he significantly younger although you wouldn't really notice jared leto does zing incredible shape for his age and look i'm not trying to take anything away from your letter shit on mike is but it made it mike but i'm just saying i'm with my on the dead.

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