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Hey everyone, this is Trish. I've got a new store with some of my favorite freedom inspired merch all designed by me. Check it out at Trish Regan dot store today. You can look stylish while supporting the values of capitalism, freedom. And the American Dream. It's all online today for you at Trish Regan dot store again Trish TRI SH Regan R EGA and dot store. Get your Trish Regan march exclusively at the Trish Regan store today, Trish Regan dot store. It's beginning to look a lot like, can we say Merry Christmas? I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna say it and say it again, Merry Christmas, everyone. I am Trish Regan. I hope you're planning a spectacular holiday. I can't wait until my whole family coming in. It's gonna be a pretty exciting and pretty good time. Portions of today's program are brought to you by legacy precious metals. There has never been a better time to think about investing for the long haul. Then right now, and part of your thought process really in my estimation needs to include a diversified portfolio part of which should be precious metals. So call my Friends over at legacy precious metals one 8 6 6 5 8 9 zero 5 6 zero. They can help guide you through this. You know, it's a new year. You gotta think about the new year and the new you in terms of your own financial well-being. Take matters into your own hands as I keep on saying. Anyway, we have a very special show in honor of the big holiday. Today's show is a chance for us. I think to reflect, to reflect on the importance of having faith, the importance of understanding that faith, and the importance of spreading a message of goodwill and understanding and really thinking about the roots of what is good. What is good in this world. And so I am so excited to have on the program. The co author team, David Limbaugh, and his daughter, Kristen, bloom, Limbaugh. It's great. Kristen Limbaugh bloom. It's great to have you guys here. Congratulations on this.

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