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Yeah. That's that's even better interest like repeatedly breaking the illusion to make sure that. You're not left with the illusion. Worthy. The illusionists is kind of sad, Dick? Johnson just feels like a much friendlier version of that to me. One thing I think we should also talk about is how these films you work as personal films with documentarian himself or herself as being the subject because I with we talked about effort fake being. So essence of wells. Be just like him as the center of attention who him as this. Artist. With a very long history that he's sharing in deconstructing with us in Dick Johnson is dead. I think is such a perfect. Fusion of Houston Johnston's personality because if Johnson's personality if you spent. Time around her she is both a fearsome. Intellect and also an extremely approachable very. Warm kind of like he's got the like these two very strong aside. So personality I think come through. In the movie and and it was interesting to see her kind of operate at true falls where she was just completely the center of attention because she's been for one, you know. These are. Audience in these filmmakers who have known her for so long I mean, she's been making movies as a cinematographer like for like twenty five years. So every filmmaker knows her and of course people you know inject camera person and this movie was sort of like the the head of the festival but like she's also extremely tall and wears very. Close, very like striking. You know she's common is a blend and I think that people just were like coming up to her all weekend to kind of share their experiences in you know and she has this extremely attentive. Gaze. What she the way she engages what people mean. She's really he's a very much a people person I Think that that generosity of spirit and that fierce intellect kind of come through beautifully in this movie but could she eat a lobster? Not Point point wells she might. She might. I would put a plaster. I mean her father can eat three pieces of what looks like the richest. Over. That's so sweet that grandkids are involved in making a cake or bringing them the cake destroying the cake speaking of grandkids this. This isn't really a connection, but it hasn't come up elsewhere and since we're kind of talking about Johnson as as a person I, just want to note the interesting family she has. Her the living situation it just kind of pass without comment but I did a little research afterwards because I was curious about it and she doesn't need live next door to the fathers of her two children. One of whom is filmmaker IRA SACHS and the other is Patriot Boris. So. Very just modern modern family if you will..

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