Hoffa, Chairman, CEO discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


C dicko its first hoffa dusted eib at before impairment comes in at one hundred fifteen point one million euros it sees this company sees sick thirdquarter adjusted revenue growth of about three percent when it comes to the first half net income that is seventy four point one million euros which is down seven point eight percent we're gonna be speaking to zhol false while the coal the chairman and the co ceo over jcb co on this program in run about fifteen minutes time okay so there you have it a whole slew of just the top companies report saying this hour statal rush basf airbus arsenal metal and many others and we are going to take into jc decades earnings with the cfo shortly but let's start with some of the rest of the toys early today because of course that we had the federal reserve yesterday the s fed and fed officials have said that they will begin voting off that point five trillion dollar balance sheet quite relatively sued at the same time the central bank as expected left its benchmark rate unchanged his policy makers ss the move towards inflation gulf the source of the balance sheet normalization possibly as soon as september is at now the ball said in an economic recovery now in its ninth year let's cross over to singapore where west goodman from the markets live team joins us to talkers through what we should be taking away from this fed meeting west it's great to have you on the show just as always focused through the the important points from your point of view good morning everyone right well while you're already mentioned the point about relatively soon so that was a big thing that everybody was looking for and so interpreted to mean the pill use or september meeting to announce the timetable to start trimming their holdings of also called running down the balance sheet brought you on other important part of was are comments on inflation saying inflation is running below target and this was a small change from the last meeting when they said was somewhat below so you know looking at the all the details really close later furtures sanger this below target seen as you.

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