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Thank you baby into the game. You kind of your money. That's how you find out who better call. My pets were safe. That wouldn't be any juice. Juice point spreads the vets. The teasers the parlays frong vegas to you these these behind the bat bats welcome back to another episode of behind the beds. We his area. It is a busy wednesday in the world. We currently have a ufc fight night going on as we take this right now. So that's going on fight island and abu dhabi. And then this saturday conor mcgregor's return is a big one as he faces. Dustin portray so a lot of hype surrounding this one. The money line keeps trickling up. We're gonna talk about that. With matthew holt coming up in a little bits and no lou. He's unavailable this week with our taping windows or just me matthew and i matthews a few plays there but first we get the big debut here on the podcasts of aerial. Awani obviously all people listening to this. Podcast certainly know him. Mma insider has his own pod. Got get him on the when you have such a big hype fight like this one with mcgregor emporia and so. We're going to get his opinion. We're talking a little football as well. It's a fun chat with him. And i i've talked about it a lot especially with our. Nfl analyst like miss seeing the guy so much on campus. So it's great to connect with ariel and then tomorrow the thursday will be our. Nfl pod going into championship. Sunday as before we get our super bowl matchup all set before we get into today's episode. I want to quickly remind you. The conor mcgregor returns to the octagon january twenty third in a rematch against dustin poor. Eight at ufc. Two fifty seven on espn. Plus you have. C two fifty seven is exclusively available to espn plus subscribers for sixty nine ninety nine visit. Espn plus dot com slash pay-per-view. Also we have a brand new. Espn podcasts lodging week. Know about i take. But how about i take her. Take this new. Podcast hosted. By charlie arnold kimberly martin and shinsuke. They discuss and debate the biggest sports stories and delve into topics about their lives and culture subscribe rate review. I take her take as well as behind the beds with doug kazarian wherever you get your podcast using the whole fist. Time now to welcome a man who is basically directly associated with fema and when you think you have see you also think aerial awani making his debut here on the behind the best podcast aerial. How are you man. I'm doing great. I've been i've been wondering honestly when you're gonna have me on the pod You don't have on your show you don't call tax. You don't write me all these things and more so it's a great honor to finally be on the show. I guess it's a big week when i finally get the call. Yeah be careful what you wish for 'cause we will certainly abuse that request down. We love all your content. Obviously the podcast that many of our listeners currently also know the dc no wani podcast but you are synonymous with ms. I wanted to get you on for a special occasion. Not just waste your presence on something because when conor mcgregor returns it's big waves. You want me to talk about the bills. My my beloved buffalo bills. I thought that's what this week. You told me. Were talking about the bills today. Do you like a plus the three two. I like them. I like them if they were a minus. Twenty one how. 'bout right bills mafia is so so pumped pumped as an understatement for this for twenty six years. I know you didn't have to talk about my bills fan. But i've been a fan since one thousand nine hundred ninety. I'm very excited. I just hope this can continue for two more games. Well that's about when the broke my heart a raider fan. When they went in got absolutely smoked was forty one to three hundred fifty three. If i remember Do quick question though. How tough is it going to be on sunday sunday now thinking saturday data. How tough was it last week. Saturday the time difference and everything worked out in your favor okay. So i was so nervous about this because first of all it was a really big weekend for anime because it was debut on. Abc right so that was a huge deal. And i thought for sure just given how the first week went that. The bills would get the first slot you know. They got the first slot against indy. And so i thought that we would get what was it the It would be the. I think it was four to seven no of four to seven something give or take a few and so i'm on the east coast here. Anti ohno the abc. The main event is going to go up against the bills. I i'm a nervous wreck when they're playing. This is horrible and luckily we got the eight o'clock slot so the the main event was done by six. I had some writing to do after. I was done by seven. Got changed put on thurman thomas jersey at front television and saw them beat down the baltimore. Ravens taryn johnson taken. It home pick-6 josh allen. Doing his thing. Yes was a little bit over hyped than you know. A couple overthrows here and there but they got the job done going to arrowhead. I cannot wait. And i am very very nervous for For sunday so it's gonna be a big weekend. Get through the connor fight. And then i'll be home watching on sunday afternoon. You should be nervous your bills fan. That's that's what comes with the territory. But i think fans are never saw in the story line so it should be fine. I like both teams. So i'm rooting. Can i ask or i don't know. Yeah yeah yeah no. I don't i don't know yet. I got think about the mahomes thing. But i i said someone asked me for the playoffs. What your super bowl. And i think packers bills. I do think really. You said that at the beginning of the playoffs. Not the season but okay offs. Because i just. I think there's a little off of this chiefs team. Oh my gosh like just another smart person and that gives me chills like the fact that the bills could be going to the super bowl gets a very good packers team blows my mind because as you know it's been a tough two decades so thank you. Yeah man no. I appreciate it. I think the bills are legit. They certainly are and obviously the the people on this podcast. No them the they were in five in the regular season tied for the best record against the spread so Surpassing expectations is what that means and then closed strong. Eight straight covers to close the regular season. So they're good. I mean josh. It's going to be interesting to see how the injury and all that applies at even if he does play like. I'm not optimistic. He plays really. I feel like this is all just a ruse. They're just trying to work with the concussion protocols interesting memory andy dalton now he got like nuked and then he didn't play the next game so it's gonna be interesting how it all pans out because the independent People who are like they have to pass all these the five step protocol so it's really unknown. What exactly is going to happen. And can i think that he's gonna play. I'm not right now for this. I would never root for that. We and i'll say we part of bills mafia. We wanna play. We wanna play the best team possible. I was rooting for the chiefs. I didn't want the browns. That was the easy way out. I want i want a healthy chief team and I want a healthy pat mahomes. Who by the way his father former reliever for my beloved montreal expos. i'm. I'm totally in the other direction. You really wanted me to talk about here. But i'm using this opportunity. 'cause they don't let me talk about sports any other time so yes. I have a lot of love for patrick. Mahomes was on those aches. That's sweet expos team that got strike shortened season. No he was actually a funny story. If you ultimately Two thousand four final season the expos existence i'm a senior at syracuse university and i'm applying for a visa to remain in the united states and work if you don't get this visa and you're an international student you have to go back to your home country while this visas processing you can't go back home..

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