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Kfi a mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios tragedy on the set of the western film rust. This is in the santa fe new mexico area as actor alec baldwin shot two people one fatally in an incident involving a prop gun. Halina hudson's film cinematographer forty. Two years of age died after being taken by helicopter to the university of new mexico hospital. The shooting victim director. Joel sousa forty eight was injured and taken to a local hospital this according to a piece out of the wall street journal where he is undergoing treatment according to the santa fe county sheriff's office representative for alec baldwin alec baldwin sixty three by the way couldn't be reached immediately comment to the actor stars as harland rust in the film. Now apparently the shooting occurred when mr baldwin discharged a prop gun during the movie. Production at the bonanza creek ranch set on again according to that statement from the santa fe. County sheriff's office. Wait a minute. I thought prop guns shot blanks. How in the heck did this happen. Detectives investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged. This according to the sheriff's office investigators said it appeared on the scene being filmed involve the use of a prop gun when it was discharged. Well obviously ms hudgens who lived in los angeles again. The cinema tom cinematographer who sadly lost her life. Lena hudson's she lived in l. a. was originally from ukraine. She grew up on a soviet military base in the arctic. According to a website and it was just earlier this week that she posted an instagram video of herself on a horse ride in new mexico. Saying one of the perks of shooting a western is that you get to ride horses on your day off but tragedy once again on the set of this Western film rust as alec. Baldwin shot to people killing one. Just ahead shaker..

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