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But also in the show today yesterday Harris County released a roadmap to reopen schools. We had the H. ISD Acting Superintendent on the show yesterday reacting to it well today we're going to look at those guidelines with the help of Harris County Judge Lena, Hidalgo? Who'll join us in just a little bit to talk about what these orders mean, how how restrictive they are. how enforceable they are or what's really behind them. We'll find that all out from the judge in just a few minutes. But as I said, it's Thursdays and that's Dr Tracy and I'm thrilled to have her back with US Hello, Dr Tracy I happy Thursday happy Thursday. Well, this is what makes it even happier because then I get to spend the afternoon with you chatting and I want to let everyone know that this is the last time we have a Houston matter special edition Thursday with Dr Tracy because when we come back, we're going to be town square and so we're going to have Thursdays on town square with Dr Tracy so we're changing a little bit That's good. About, right That was waiting for a reaction. Was Pretty Quiet. Actually there's a there's a saying that nobody likes change except a wet baby so Well we're going to bring all the good of this show forward into the new show. So hopefully, folks will like that more than they like a wet navy. Anyway Dr Tracy is here with US epidemiologist from UT Health School of public health and we're GONNA have our phone lines open for questions and just a little bit at seven one, three, four, four, zero, eight, eight, seven, zero. But before we go to call, so I wanted to catch up a little bit on the news and I, remember last week talking with you about a potential vaccine that Chinese military was touting maybe the. Chinese government was speaking about it. We talked a little about it mentioned the Russian vaccine but a lot wasn't known at that point. I'm not sure how much is now now but boy, Oh, boy is it made it into the news this week. What can you tell us about these vaccines that I think a lot of people are curious how do they have that scenes? What's going on? Why don't we have them? What's really there? Well, we have vaccines. They just haven't been tested yet. and and the Russian vaccine. Vaccine. Trials, there's phase one which is just a few people making sure nobody drops dead face to is a few more people. Forty fifty something like that looking for side effects and maybe Seeing whether those people produce antibodies in response to the vaccine, and then the phase three trials are the big trials with thousands of people to see is the vaccine safe because if it's a rare side effect, you need to have a lot of people to have it show up and does it work so those people you you give placebo, you know sugar water to half of the people half of the people get the real vaccine nobody knows. Who got which, and then you monitor them to see who gets infected and if the vaccine works and the people who got vaccinated should have fewer infections and the people who got the placebo well, the Russian vaccine they have not done phase three trials yet they are skipping that that part of vaccine testing. So there's a lot of concern that the vaccine has not been adequately tested to make sure it's safe and to make sure it's it works. How. Does this differ from what the Chinese were up to? The Chinese we know less about but I the there just hasn't been enough time to do phase three testing on any of these vaccines it first of all I, honestly, I don't know I haven't seen for the Chinese or the Russian vaccine but for the ones that the other ones that were developing in the United States, and in Europe, the saw is you're gonNA need to have two doses of vaccine to get a good response and that's not unusual with vaccines So if you think about that, you know even if we started. Trials today and then went another four weeks. Got People got a second shot you. Then you start counting you know are there well, I mean, you can look for side effects during that month, but you look for protection after that. So they're there just hasn't been enough time for either vaccine to to really be tested, and that's the concern that you've seen around the world that this vaccine may not be safe. Now I will say we're not going to have this Russian vaccine in the united. States. So there's nothing for us be concerned about. Except for the Russian people who may get this vaccine. Though I look at and maybe I'm short-sighted on this but I kind of have the feeling through most of this that we are a global medical research team looking at this that all these different countries are looking and trying things but because of the level of crisis, this is causing that we're all kind of helping each other along am I wrong in thinking that way. That would be wonderful. But there's a lot of competition between countries as has we've seen and also whatever whichever pharmaceutical develops the vaccine. There's a lot of money to be made here if you're going to be vaccinating. Eight million eight billion people around the world now. You know I doubt that it will be just one vaccine but so so the pharmaceutical companies are also competing among themselves to be the first to get that licensed back seen out there. When we hear about the published results and we're always talking about you know pre publication or information coming out in medical journals are these not the vaccines were talking about that are being peer, reviewed and looked at and so the information is being shared or am I wrong again? No the the definitely the information, the results are being shared. Now, there's probably proprietary information about how the vaccine the specifics on how it is manufactured. But yes, for you know we don't have any phase three trials yet, but with the phase one and phase two that those data are being shared in the medical literature and being peer reviewed by other scientists to make sure that everything looks you know okay and no obvious things have been overlooked. So theoretically, the Russian vaccine if it did work could be out there and working and we wouldn't have access to it. Does that sound plausible? Yeah. That's certainly I mean. We're not GONNA have access to with it works or not. So should it work Yeah that We won't, have access to it. All right. Let's move on to something else. That's a lot of people's concern right now, we talk a lot about going back to school be talking with the judge in just a moment about that. But what are we seeing and learning about children with Covid? Are we we? We've had mixed messaging coming out everything from the top of the White House saying you know kids are basically immune to this or that it can't harm them. They're indestructible. What are we really learning from the research? we're learning that. We didn't know everything at first. You know big surprise right and you know we thought that children didn't get infected as often. it is true that they do not show. maybe eighty percent of of infections in children are asymptomatic. What we're discovering is that they do have a lot of virus in their nasal passages and it looks.

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