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Team had just trained for something just like this with marine units. Earlier in the day. They were ready hose knee for the one hundred forty fifth time it's day in Kentucky. Winter of today's race will seek to pick up where justify left off last year becoming the thirteenth thoroughbred to take the triple crown justifies trainer. Bob Baffert has three horses in the field with game winner. Improbable roadster. Also in the pack today for the run for the roses, long range Totti who's jockey John court at fifty eight years old will make history as the oldest rider ever can follow Tahoe. This is Fox News. Now you away. I local news. Another night of heavy weather across parts of Texas. Brian Ganic splaine's storms roared across the state spawning tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings. And heavy rain prompted flash flood warnings in Austin and San Antonio numerous calls of cars being stranded water. No reports of any injuries San Antonio voters deciding from among a crowded field of candidates for mayor and ten council seats. In addition to send Tonio suburban city officials and school board. Members are also on today's ballot. The polls closed at seven most of the races in San Antonio, including the race for mayor are expected to end in a runoff next month because of the sheer number of candidates nine people are running for mayor three empty city council. Seats will be filled Jim forci, NewsRadio twelve hundred wwl. I ended appear soon. We'll be able to play so called fantasy sports without facing gambling charges. State Representative Joe Moody's Bill defines fantasy sports is a game of skill. Not.

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