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Host Ardmore today we are in the dental office of doctor Carol and void in Dallas and she has an amazing beautiful poodle yeah you come in for your close up aren't you but it's radio and the dog's name is Max he is a therapy dog and he's the one that helping reduce any kind of the jitters that people might have in a chair welcome to the show doctor boys thanks so much for having us Arden so tell us a little bit about macros work week well Max is just an amazing dog he's silver giant poodles standard poodle but he's three and a half inches taller than the average Joe poodle he went to school two and a half years and he works with multiple kinds of patients here in the dental office he works in respite care for dementia patients please help people in rehab he goes to visit friends in the hospital well we're going to find out more about him too right now she has a new patient in the chair we're talking to chase the Mingus welcome to the behave showcase did you ever think you'd be on a radio show why you went to a dentist I did not what made you say I need to make an appointment Dr well I've been here in Dallas now for three years almost three years now I just had an appointment a little over a year ago for my wisdom teeth and haven't found a dentist quite yet and works out that they're in the same building now what about the scene Max Max is awesome he's very cool I have a German shepherd at home so it's really cool to have a dog in here as well what your doctor but our name is Bentley family badly these names are very regal aren't too so you're going you're here for a check up yes ma'am okay so tell me a little bit about are you somebody that just dreams every day of going to a dentist I do not but I have I've always been told I have nice teeth so I try to keep try to keep it real good care of them and everything do you think having a dog that's well trained like Max's kind of taken the jitters out I definitely do yeah he's very friendly and he just wants to be petted laser said on your lap and the command you give to Max I say give comfort and I used two fingers drawing drawing them towards me and he puts his head on the patients by so we're gonna let you do your job right now with chase and we're going to talk more with doctor Boyd and the wonderful tales of Max we're here at the dental office of doctor Carol and void and one of the folks here is Tricia della Torre's she's a registered dental assistant how long have you been in the dental field I'm going on twenty eight years twenty eight years what got you in well as a fabulous oral surgeon by the name of James wealth than he is now retired and teaching in at university of Houston came to my classroom one day and grabbed a bunch of students and said that if the vocational class and that out you know whoever doesn't pass out give the insurance hearing twenty years later so you're new to the doctor Carolyn boys office what impact if any I mean I'm issue so stellar credentials but what impact if any did play a role without having Max here well Max is wonderful at comforting and I really enjoy the fact that he can help absorb any of that anxiety and stress that going along with the dental appointment and so it's not only help the patient but they help me it helps everybody that around him how would you describe obviously we're going to run photos of them but he's the most unusual Google I've ever seen well Mack is his Facebook pages Max the giant could also he is a gorgeous totally gray and I always tell people his legs look like the hombre style because the kind of blends into the right color and he's just got this teddy bear look and his personality is jazz I mean I've never met a dog like Max he's just very haven't heard and he's like a person you know his eyelashes are beautiful so I'm a little jealous of eyelashes but beautiful light he got a great smile and he loves to greet you when he gets here in the morning so what you've been in the dental field for almost three decades and what are some things that you know when the persons in the chair there feeling a little nervous body language is very important for us to notice right away of course you know the blood pressure when we first get him in the room we take their blood pressure and high you know it just it's just one of those things that you just read over the we are do they want thank you in the hands they get sweaty palm you could start to see their perspiring on their faith upper lip gets a little wet and then you know they're just visiting in the chair and you know they get quieter and but when Max is in there like they're not even had a dental office they're just relax and it's nothing like I've ever seen in any office I've ever worked at it it's the power of the pot it absolutely is his power he's given off a great live in this office and they just absolutely they that's why we don't have to do any marketing or anything is because everybody just love locked and spread the word and they show and what about Dr void she's got some credentials to she may not work and have that cute little face but come on doctor boy is one of the most comprehensive and just I don't pressed with her dentistry heard industry is right up there with some of the best tennis I've ever worked for and I work for some really good doctors but she is very particular and she does not leave any stone unturned and she is very informative she goes over everybody's health history not everybody does that important that she get through to the patient that she's there for her them there she's not they're just not you know coming once or twice a year this is that the family care and we've got every time she sends you out for a referral or anything she stays in touch with them she does good things fall through the loop now do you have any pets I do I have to come rainy in there what we call will meet me roommate and they are Pomeranians brought Riley and Sophia they just turned twelve congratulations yes and they're a handful because of the brushing but very good dogs very social butterfly they're not yeah offers or anything like that I believe I think that it I think APRS are usually if the houses you happy then the dog's gonna be out now do they are sniff you up and down when you come home because the man yes they smell Max every day and I think they want to meet back but he wants to meet men there they just know that they whatever that smell is they like it they're just mailing me for more longer than they've ever smiled yeah they.

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