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World in national news for that. We go to Wendy Gillette, Wendy. Afternoon, the Senate needed 60 votes to advance a bill to subsidize American production of computer chips 64 senators voted in the affirmative so the bill is a step closer to a presidential signature Bloomberg's irv Chapman reports from Washington. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is passage. It will make historic investments to scientific research. It will take direct aim at our nation's chip crisis. It is one of the most consequential bipartisan achievements of this Congress. Senator John cornyn expressed support, but did not speak for all Republicans. Chips underpin virtually all the technology that keeps us safe at home and protects our troops around the world. Microprocessors underpin literally everything that has an off and on switch. President Biden has been appearing with technology industry leaders suppressed for the Bill, in Washington, or of champ and Bloomberg radio. The nation's rail network is getting a big boost to give disabled riders better access. Bloomberg's Nathan Hager is in Washington. The Biden administration has announced a one in three quarter $1 billion program to retrofit subway and rail stations with elevators and ramps. The money will come from the bipartisan infrastructure law. The transportation department timed this announcement to the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with disabilities act. The bureau of transportation statistics says more than 25 million people have a travel limiting disability and more than 900 legacy transit stations still aren't accessible for them. In Washington, I'm Nathan Hager, Bloomberg radio. The actor who played Wally cleaver on TV's leave it to beaver has died, Tony Dow was 77. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Wendy Gillette

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