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Ninety two three elliot's new home for your neighbor on your calls continues next so let's go hang going to get into your phone tap manson pt tanaka japanese baseball navient t t tanaka is here and set up his camp and a spot so let's go in and see what's going down because it costs part of t t tanaka apply yes this is luther from camp sliders and i was just calling to see who do i speak to about the appearance with a t tanaka from the tokyo tweets from japan no information about mr tanaka flew in from japan and he started his workshop with the key club i have no knowledge about that at all hold on he's he's looking at me like there's a problem here mister tt tanaka i'm here on the phone right now with the agency this is t t tanaka here sir good how are you i love rock people i hear what you're saying heat saudi five home runs this season he hit thirty five home runs this season alone sir he's a stolen base leader three years in a row anything about this this is his first time here in america a mac is so beautiful already so this is what we're going to do sir if the pa system is set up we like to start off with the stay off drugs the avoid steroids speech that he does and then we're going to the workshop and if we can get outside we'd like for all the kids sing along with him when he sings the song on tv king king baseball did you hear him sir i'm so excited to teach the kids mccomb inside the.

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