Sartre, Meister Eckhart discussed on Lex Fridman Podcast


Not that's what the realm of the subject but others you know in the middle ages we were created in the image and likeness of god in in the pre socratic age to be was to be what she's up and lingers for awhile and fades away the paradigm of of what is we're thunderstorms and the anger of the gods achilles battle fury and it overtakes everything and stays for a while and then leaves the the flowers blooming in spring and that's very different from the way we experienced ourselves and so the the question is What what are we supposed to do in the face of that and heidegger thanks. That's the the presupposition that's motivated. Everything from the pre socratic forward is that there is som- entity that's the ground of the way. We understand everything to be for the middle ages. It was god that was the entity that made things be the things that they are for the enlightenment. It was us. Maybe for sartre. It's us and thanks Whatever it is that stands at the ground of what we are is not another thing. It's not another entity and we're relating to it in the way if we think of it like that there are some way and he'd this partly why i was interested in meister eckhart he says. But there is is there's giving going on in the world and.

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