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A second analysis indicated that individual taste ratings of this pizza tended to be inversely related to how much consumed. This is fantastic basically saying if you pay less for the all you can eat buffet, you will eat less, but you pay more you will eat a lot more. And then you're gonna feel like such shit at the end of it that you're gonna be like that was terrible. Buffet costs forty dollars. That'd be like. Wow. I wanna eat forty dollars worth of food. So you really cashed in for me paid sixty dollars, and I had an incredible rib roast and those weird potatoes. And some barbecue wings all at the same time. Thank you DisneyWorld. And I was like I'm need to go back and eat more and more and more because it doesn't feel like I've got my money's worth. And then piglet rolled up. And I was like never mind. Yeah. Ironically, piglet you have kept me from over consuming. This. Thank you for your service. Was your first thing. My first thing is also a tribute to our travels, okay? It's my orcas. Yes. Is we hadn't San Juan? Yes. This is a new passion of mine. Oh, my orcas. It's fun to say even more fun to eat. It's fun to look at and fantasize about. So we had never been to Puerto Rico this true. And I want to provide a small disclaimer, which is that we went there on a cruise ship and spent all of maybe four hours if that you spent maybe two hours before we had to go back and take a nap. And then we went outside for another forty five minutes where he got caught in the rain and go back to the to the boat, but we had a fucking great time in that very limited time span. But I would say I would say are you maybe that we still have not been deport Areco? So we were in old San Juan and one of the things you can find there is my orcas, which actually so that's named after the Spanish island where they originated in Markelle the actual region. They call it. And samata. Okay. Which is a pastry product. It is a sweet soft bun that is a kind of a spiral shape yet. Imagined sort of a laminated almost like what's the like, it was crispy almost like a crispy croissant like a thin crispy croissant with with cool stuff inside. Yeah. Exactly. So the restaurant. We went to was Bumba Nira. Which there's a article in the New York Times for twenty thirteen all about that restaurant closed briefly. This woman wrote about it 'cause she grew up going there. And then when it closed she talks about trying to create her own replication. Oh, wow. They're dish of huge, thanks to Lynn for this adjusted on that otherwise we would not have known where to go at all. So the quilt bun is buttered and press flat with a Griddle and then sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. Yes, we had them on sandwich. Like in a soon sandwich. Yeah. But you can also get them filled with custard cream or almond puree or ice cream. Chocolate apricots. Yes, it's very choose your own adventure. It's very much like collages for. I mean, they're they're different in substance, but they are similar in freedom. So the first written reference to this pastry was back in the seventy. Eighteen th century. At that time. Although wheat flour was mainly used for making bread. There's evidence that this pastry product was made for festivals and celebrations. I imagine it's very difficult to make these. Yes. So the article talks about this recipe, you can find on a website called the Nasha ary tells you how to make them in your own oven and the reviews, I guess are relatively positive as far as taste goes. But the person that wrote the article so that they kind of ballooned to a out of control size when she made them herself. I mean, incoming of laminated pastry like this is such a pain in the ass to make. And that is why I just got flour water sugar aids. But the the weather use lard or vegetable shortening and how much kind of makes the difference..

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