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Going again but outdoor dining only marry a was a restaurant owner in Larchmont as they call will prepare and when they're done with the delay with all the linens and refresh the linens and disinfected chairs also shopping inside stores and car dealerships restart again as well I'm Scott Pringle double the authorities at long island is set for phase two tomorrow New York City began phase one re opening yesterday and NYPD officers facing criminal charges for shoving a young woman to the ground during a protest in Brooklyn officer Vincent d'andrea was charged with misdemeanor assault and other offenses after he was seen on cellphone video shoving a demonstrator to the ground during a March in Brooklyn to protest the death of George Floyd the Brooklyn district attorney called it unnecessary and said he could not tolerate the use of excessive force officer d'andrea told the twenty year old woman to move out of the street and when she asked why he allegedly pushed her to the ground and kept walking the officers union blamed the mayor and the police department for creating what it called a failed strategy for managing demonstrations Erin cutters he ABC news New York Joe Biden is not among the people calling for police departments to be de funded the Biden campaign says in a statement the former vice president is driven to ensure that justice is done that we put a stop to this quote terrible pain the statement says a former vice president does support community policing programs in white PD is not releasing some clear surveillance images of a couple of women wanted for defacing St Patrick's cathedral New Yorkers in the streets demonstrating say the church graffiti the wrong way to get their message across because you know people are angry I think that because since everybody's going crazy we we could do that cops say the two women wanted wrote no justice no peace and B. L. M. on the wall of the cathedral police released pictures of the women last week but they were not clear they hope the new better images will lead to arrests no one laden W. O. R. news governor Cuomo today saying he fully supports the peaceful protesters and what they're trying to achieve we want to fight the systemic racism inequality and injustice in our society that's what the protesters are sent and I stand with the protesters in saying that funeral services this afternoon in Houston for George Floyd two weeks after he died pinned under the need of a Minneapolis police officer there was a public visitation yesterday after memorial services were George Floyd in other cities this was his hometown's chance Houston's chance to pay its respects at a final public viewing and memorial many mourners including Texas governor Greg Abbott bowed their heads as they stood in front of Floyd's open gold casket others drop down to a knee many more wearing shirts with his picture and his words I can't breathe the number of people allowed in the church at the time was limited to adhere to social distancing guidelines people were required to wear masks and gloves also at their temperatures checked as they enter as correspondent T. J. Holmes and California police departments are joining others in banning a certain technique to subdue suspects after governor Gavin Newsom called on police department stand using carotid restraint tactics now the state's police departments here at least temporarily banning the tactic to subdue suspects the LAPD saying it immediately reviewed the department's policy involving the carotid restraint control hold the chief putting a moratorium on the training and tell a more detailed review can be done that's correspondent Alex stone and with the forecast coming up.

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