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That is a tough side. Crowder has it dribble. Handoff to Ingles. Angles. Turns the corner at the perimeter throws it in the paint on Goldberg and he's fouled from behind. I'm sorry favors was fouled from behind by Mason, poem lapel. They talked to watch during the Fritos. He's lost a little bit on what they're trying to do defensively. He finally switched. But then he just let I mean, I watch TV let favor. Yeah. Walk into the post, and they just stood behind. Right. Can't do that. With a bigger guy. Favors to the free throw line. I one for favors is all the way that one is good. Second free throw coming up here for Derek. Three old two left to go in the third quarter. That one's on the way. And that one is good. That puts the jazz back in the lead here by twelve inbound goes to will Barton three minutes left to go here in the third quarter. Monte Moore's up in off the bench for Denver. We'll Barton has it in the paint. Got fouled. No call but a good take and pass by bar. Ten point lead again for Utah. Now, the nuggets are looking for a stop bingles has it on the right side in the paint favors. Kick out the colder to O'neil catch and goes into the paint, a traveled and then throws it away. Denver forces a turnover. They get a stop. Monte Moore's is into the game and coming out will be Jamal Murray. I'm wondering if you'll see Tom I don't I don't think you'll see Isaiah Thomas tonight study in the second half. I should say Barton has crossover mood gets the paint. Leans in layup. No, good rebound swatted around. It goes out of bounds. Last touch by. Kyle korver. Favors made Barton adjust that lay up just a little bit. He got to the rail will spring and Bart step here in the second half, fourteen seconds on the shot clock for Denver. We'll bart. Looks in throws it in on top to Gary Harris, Harris does inside the Argo Mason Plumlee, glumly drives on favors, spins the paint hook shot is on the way that one rattled out. Rebound comes down to favors outlet pass over the Crowder Crowder's across the time line hands it off to corporate former stops those Bacopa Crowder for three. That's a big bucket now watch I'll just ran rate into favors tried to flop. Call didn't get it. That is monster buckets, look at Crowder, just talking all sorts of trash laughing up the four Moore's gets it over to Gary Harris turns the corner hasn't loot dot whole by employment. Nice play down by eleven again. I right side. Is Joe Ingles? Less than two minutes to go in the third crossover. Move gets him in the paint. Wauneta can't defend them. Throws it down low to favors book shot. No, good rebound down to hair, Dan, Gomez, album, pass off the wheel Barton Barton stopped by O'Neill to three point line. Stutter-stepped drive goes to the left hand. He's pounded the air out of the ball back over the moors more split the defenders teardrop short down to favors every time. The nuggets have a chance to get it to single digits. They miss a bunny. Crowder hands it off behind him to Kyle Korver back on top to Crowder. Head fake on the three throws it in the corner, catching go mobile goes baseline through the lane off for three jumpers. No, good rebound down to Plumlee quick out in the pass over to Monte Morrison. He leaves it behind him to will Barton. Barton has it across the timeline guarded by eagles. Top of the key to Plumbly back to Barton Ingles. Whimper? Steele. Didn't get Barkman. Debate writers good goal number one achieved the nuggets have down to nine with one minute to go in the third quarter. Goal. Number two is tied. This thing up. Ingles has it across the timeline out there by will. There's a high pick from Crowder eagles moves off to the right side. Dimmer switches that there is a foul macho no stripped steel loose ball comes down to Barton and a foul on Crowder. And now the question is is that clear path or not Crowder's in front of bark? So they won't get the clear path. Okay. Is cast right now he is single handling helped bring this team back into contention. Bench wants them to take a look at the clear path. But they're not even go to the replay monitor. He's in front, and we'll Barton we'll go to the free throw line here for Denver. Free-throw number one for will. That one's good nothing but net Denver's within eight now. For a good friend. Chris marvelous at home, they have been this close in sector was opposed. And one more free throw here for Barton. Again, Yokich on the bench with five thousand second free throw for will. That was good within seven. Inbound goes to Ingles. Now, they're going to go to for one. They got kill about five seconds off the clock. Here angles is across the timeline. Whips Whiteside over Crowder catching a macho throws back behind him over over. We're going to call foul law show. Scott twitter. And that'll put Crowder to the free throw line Denver. Could try steal the two for one back. But they'd have to be have to be fast coming back the other way. Free-throw number one is on the way. And that was no good rattled out Jamal Murray. Gonna come in for Denver. Donovan Mitchell will come in for Utah. I'd go to for one. But I make sure if it good shot. Yeah. Second free throw here for Crowder. The first one may the second one. Gives them an eight-point lead. Inbound goes Jamal Murray is they want a two for one that got a hurry. Here Murray crossover move stops Welby watching highway watch got in the way, the two one is gone now. So Murray stands to the right of the midpoint circle. Nine on the shot clock. Started out there by Donovan Mitchell Murray bulls by gets down the lane links in Roanoke. Good contacted no foul loose. Ball comes down to O'Neill Alec pass over to Donovan Mitchell legacy. One more stop here in the closing, eight seconds. Mitchell has it on the left side of the midcourt circle. It's a clear out for Donovan Mitchell. Three seconds to go Mitchell. Head fake and then the three. The horn gives you taught eleven point.

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