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Uh the lincoln you know it needs it needs bigger volumes doesn't it start at around thirty five to forty thousand dollars were my misreading that yeah probably about right for a uh for uh lincoln mkx v sedan who those are uh but you're competing with a lot of other vehicles in that size and price category okay so that's the sedan's an inch and sorry but what are you doing the hot one for them are the they've got the new continental right which is kind of an exciting throwback design and the combined sales of the continental and the vehicle is replacing the m k f sedan you know they're up about three thousand thirty six hundred vehicles this year a you take that out and lincoln sales would be down in line with the rest of the market the other hot lincoln or potentially hotly is our good name they have is navigator um which is he was one of the original big you know sorta hip hop uh very sleek luxury type suvs and it has just been really left in the dust by the escalade and uh mercedes than everyone else that wants to get that space you mean nasty ninety five thousand dollar black label now in beattie blue is not gonna just sell itself kurt over assured of the maybe if they're done the goal wing doors like they showed of the new york auto show a couple of years ago uh they could it could have captured it was attention pow because it's really ridiculously hard to manufacture the same reason yo tesla's had trouble with it uh and that was really a signature thing for uh for you on most contest flip but it's really hard to do especially in a reliable way and i don't know because i saw some stuff you at the show where they just they were really reluctant to demonstrate it any more than they had to it worked perfectly at the press conference but it was the rest of the time is a little uh you a little bolkiah little clue she is it would kind of uh chunk its way open and closed the the service pilots working right that uganda customer service pilot program you've.

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