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Anyone who was offended Porter Rico governor recorder was CEO says he will not resign but he will not seek reelection protesters have been calling for was able to step down since the league of online chats criticizing hurricane survivors doing things to get their message across they want to resign in March and now we're seeing the governor's home it's just Paul Ince and one extreme heat along the east coast highs reached the upper nineties from the Carolinas to Maine but it felt as hot as one hundred ten degrees in some places everybody's miserable looks like people walking around with house on their heads just trying to be the colder weather sets in Monday and Tuesday bringing with it severe storms this is fox news message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload but what if there were a business degree that further your career and give you access to world renowned faculty leaders and mentors all on your schedule one that opened doors to some of the most influential CEOs tech companies law firms entrepreneurs and thought leaders and what if you could earn that degree in as little as sixteen months one hundred percent online to find out more text proud two seven nine six four five that's P. R. O. U. D. two seven nine six four five start your online NBA information management or business analytics masters program from the W. P. Carey school of business at Arizona State University today learn more about the W. P. Carey business graduate programs online text proud two seven nine six four five that's P. R. O. U. D. two seven nine six four five real honest opinion Congress is facing a deadline to raise the debt limit and avoid another government shutdown correct house speaker Nancy Pelosi hope for a deal on a two year budget agreement coupled with a debt limit increase by the end of last week but the administration and congressional Democrats are still in talks on spending caps to increase spending in some places and cutting elsewhere a two year budget deal with in the automatic spending cuts the defense and non defense agencies known as sequestration treasury secretary Stephen who should also wants Congress to prevent the possibility of a default by raising the debt.

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