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Radio KLBJ on John Kelly. This new service Ajay con roofing, the battle over property taxes rages on between the state and local taxing districts, depending on who you ask two and a half percent, Lebanon local property tax growth without a public vote is either a lifesaver or means the sky's falling said he's counties tend to lean toward the ladder claiming that a two and a half percent threshold will kill local growth, but former Austin council member Ellen trucks, Claire says growth would still very much be attainable. Tax increases, a new condo complex goes up. That increases the taxable value that wasn't there before she says the city takes about fifty million dollars a year and other revenue growth that would be on top of the two and a half percent. The city still could raise property taxes. Patrick osborne. Newsradiokkob J Ostra base. Ramblers sparkling water has been hitting the shelves for about ten months now and the business is continuing to expand. That's ramblers. Dave mead. He's believes they've established a good presence. We're in about half of Austin's HEB's. We're in central market across Texas. We are in the flagship whole foods at six and Lamar. And they've authorized us could be an all thirty four stores in Texas starting the spring and Dukla scooter sidings are on the rise in Pflueger Ville. But without a plan already in place is city council isn't sure how to address the issue gets member sees a real benefit to allowing scooters to operate within city limits. I think it also makes sense pragmatically to go ahead and look at what options what possibilities. Do we have here in Pflueger Ville that were send the? The wrong message that we're discouraging other modes of transit, but other members want them all impounded until an ordinance can be crafted looking at Austin's on time traffic and thirty five at Mainers looking at some extreme delays after an oversized. Eighteen Wheeler started blocking the shoulder and right hand lane that lay is backing up all the way to ninety after kale BJ radar weather watch dog lifting early otherwise warmer this afternoon clouds break for some sun, high seventy six from the weather center..

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