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The songs had titles like you can leave. But it's going to cost you and there's the league borbon how could you be paying the you gotta fifteen of your wife pregnant late. This is just like us and it's a great album. It's the worst. Part of the album is real great. Yeah yeah it's a great album but a daddy musical genius so it's none of your good mess. I think that's the thing we can understand. What he's music is great. He's also a maniac like you said mania to make yourself the wrong party and broadcast it to the world. You'd think you would not want the world to even pay attention to this like. I don't even want the way looking at my marriage because if they find out this stuff but he's he's going on a street corner banging drums younger. See what this has done to me. Always cracks me up when the person who was clearly the reason why the relationship ended plays the victim may go to everybody like this one guy. He went to everybody trying to get sympathy. This mega cheated on the girl stole her money. Despite that her mom all kinds of crazy shit stole her car wrecked it and then brought it back and act like he. He wasn't gonna pay opening what wife i would live. I was never married. Those i was about a narcissist which you think you know. I think like i told you my dad. My dad's right. So he does. He would do. He would be like somehow every job he had. Everybody was against him every day every job. Nobody likes you like think about that. The problem might be you and it wasn't like he wasn't. He was working for white people all the time. Where black people where philanthropy pin in the results always work for completely diverse group. Always the same people. Don't like this nigga. And i'll be like you. I've i've worked a lot of places with a lot of different groups of people and i can tell you i don't have these problems there. People didn't get along with and sometimes they didn't get along with me and what people are totally got along with it. I'm friendly till this day in this man just couldn't but somehow he was always the victim. My father beaten me and said he was the victim. That's how yeah he. He said after a comb. Adam people should outta me. He imagined it. He didn't throw anything but somehow he was the victim. But that's what people do when you're when you wearing narcissist. That's what they do they somehow you. You didn't stay in your place. And they are now the victim. Yeah what a way to end. Because i gotta go in my father. Beat okay goodbye. No let's on a good note. Yeah life is is actually pretty good now. Some us here. Yeah hot summers are. They went from the pacific northwest. Fucking one hundred sixteen degrees. And i'm not exaggerating. Live right here we we..

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