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Hold up hold on hold up are you said why are you serious as of like a month ago okay let me tell you guys some and i don't even know how feel about this right now see i don't wear i'm jay hawk through in through like i went to kansas bleed crimson and blue april six months ago i will not by k u gear by k u gear like this cave shirt but because we're an adidas school and i'm just not at a big adidas guy i don't like it either i just don't buy a lot of kansas license gear but i'm a diehard jordan fan love jordan i don't know how i didn't go you come on i'll bring you to a game bringing you to a game that way you have like a reason to buy some gear i would buy u of h for tina you'll want to see the new arena anyways dan come on out done to make it a big game in conference play cincinnati wichita stay on let's go watch i love watching which does take it they're real quick let's go to who is who who talking to with the man how's it going really from galveston we've got we're up against and make a quick so yano connie he's been around the kardashians too long look reggie bush bailed early kris humphries got out of their rage i gotta otheir hard and got out of their county is just been there too long his brains built demand women all the time get out exactly in the south but but with the melted brain seriously are you kidding me right now that we might be honest man william galveston that's a hot take i like that man he's in the sunken place i liked by you good stuff by you i feel like khloe gets a bad rap though you know james kid right.

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