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Right. Two two. The fact that it Well right now I'm looking at a headline tickets me a little bit depressed. The doomsday clock just moved. It's now two minutes to midnight the symbolic hour of the Apocalypse. This is from the Washington Post here to put my mind at ease, making more worried, Jack divine. He is founding partner and president of the Arkin group, also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. And he is also the author of good hunting, a spymasters story, A former acting director of the C. I A Jack Putin on hiring too much fun and live to be word built boosted Laval optimis. All right. Let's talk about North Korea right now. Now we can shift to Doomsday All right. So where are we in this? You know it's been one year into Trump's tenure. We are seeing not a lot of progress. Where's the dry right now? I think he actually blunt. Uh, who is he, uh, Jim drum in? I think it in the first of all, I would say off the red off the top that I don't see any military resolution of this. There is no good way to resolve this militarily. I don't see how, uh, we could engage take out the site. So I've been from the very beginning of the most recent flare-up in the relationships with the, with North Korea. Uh, pushing thought that we need to return to the table. So it just the Trump administration in here to that. Do they? Well, it's it's I think the Trump administration's taken a strong line of interesting enough, South Korea. The new president Moon have sort of tried to warm up relations. And the question was, was rather, Kim Jong-un was going to respond. And I find it interesting that he has now grown participate with the South Koreans in the Olympics and, uh, and this. Is talking to them now I would hope to behind closed doors were trying to expand those talks into the old six parties, China, Russia, South therere cells, and try and come up with a, uh, aid. Some sort of temporary solution. Just slowing down, We're not gonna stop going to roll back, its nuclear programme, but he's moving too fast and we don't have a military solution. So I think joined backed the table negotiating some sort of temporary arrangement. Uh, I think is our best course of action guy IWR today on China pledged to say one thing on China that, you know, the Trump administration is putting a lot of its. I am betting on China support. I've been mass, Think about that at best all alone. But I do take some comfort recently If you believe the Chinese official's statement that they've cut off. Uh, coal and oil supplies, fuel supplies to China. I mean if they actually stay the course and increase the pressure than there's more or more incentive to get the North Korea to table, but they're not abandon your programmed. The question is whether or not we can stabilize at about where it is today. Well, since you mention China than I gotta ask you about this topic continuing news a story about two Jerry I shouldn't Ching Lee naturalized US citizen. He now lives in Hong Kong he was taken into custody at that JFK airport, a former CIA case officer, and he's under arrest on charges of illegally retaining highly classified information relating to US. Spy networks in China. Well. First of all, let me self reveal again, ma'am, of the view that the. In the intelligence world, we always have a mall. You know, if you're the director of see a and I've talked a lot of them, it's they've gone And I made the point that there somewhere in the institution there, it's a there's a mole was part of the business. We have moles within the Russian system within the Chinese system. I'm sure we have them in and have had for years, and they have at at an hour's is finding a small Zain finding at how much damage they've done. I was very familiar with the Hanson and Rick games cases. What was interesting and this from the public domain. That at the beginning when they started to lose So, uh, the agency believes the begin lose Chinese assets. That was, well, it must be bad Tradecraft in China. And then it was a must have been a communication. It must a hacked into something this Very reminiscent of the hunt for a Rick games at the beginning, knowing could accept the fact that he had a trader in near Metz who could do that. Who could be it. In see a be a member, a traitor, and the reason people should hasn't civil, why do you think that others betray themselves in our work in the system? But eventually became obvious that we had a, uh, the result, a penetration, and it's part of, uh, part of doing business. But part of doing business is also being vigilant on this point. And I think, uh, I think this does to another reminders to bed. So painful arts. I just want the follow up with this because I was wondering what your perspective is on the President's comments and attitude. It seems to be that is sometimes put out in public on Twitter, characterizing other the FBI, but also the CIA and US security forces. I think the burden of the criticisms been directed more to the FBI in surrounding the correct investigation. Um, I think it's worthwhile remembering the very first official. Government, I, the and and visit was to the CIA. Okay. Uh, and he has a very good. It's, uh, demonstrably good with the Director of of CIA of one thing about, as I reflect on what people in CIA, a military tend to like a strong decisive leadership and then from there flows, it's less political after that. Half to people see, I am sure. Sure. Klein the believe vote, Democratic Party, and the other half of the Republican party. It's made up pretty much of what America's But there is a common thing which is decisive. This leadership I I I question sort of just how much, um, uh, turmoil or is around this issue MCI The FBI courses going through what I think is worry horrendous situation. I hope the uh, for our country, I hope this passes quickly for the We need the FBI, But there are there are real problems with. Need to be addressed. So, uh, with with respect to the President Trump He's been in office a year. Do you think that the US is in a more dangerous spot because of our, uh, perhaps less robust relationship to some of our allies like Canada? But one of the things that I think it always struck me through the years is the public and private behaviour or foreign governments, perhaps even our own. And that is you might have public outcries, But I will tell you in the back rooms of around the world, It's still the predominance of how do you get along with the US cover it. So important the lives of everybody in every country That man most the most, The of our major allies are looking for ways to to, to deal with us in Davos It's going to be very interesting. The sidebar discussions. So I think would not used to right now. Foreign governments is the the the president is exerting, uh, pretty a very strong position that's not sort of consensus driven and I think they're making adjustments. But um, I don't think any of the alliance's are are at risk. It just the, they need to figure out how the deal with the with the new president, I states. Check divine. Thank you very much. Please come back and spend more time with us. We've a barely touched on a variety of topics that, of course, Her interesting to our listeners and around the world. Jack divine is the founding partner and president of the Arkin group. He is the author of good Hunting a spy masters story, And he of course, is also a former acting head of and Associate Director of the CIA Central Intelligence Agency.

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