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Class superintendent of public instruction Kathy Hoffman says it's an effective tool to help slow the spread of covert nineteen especially in places like schools where social distancing is very challenging if not impossible and some schools are some classrooms wearing a face mask when physical distancing is difficult is one of the recommendations and the road map for re opening guidance her office released two weeks ago Hoffman adds it's just one of the tools to make schools as safe as possible I know a lot of our schools are looking at offering more online options in the upcoming academic year so I expect to see more of that as well Griselda city no KTAR news two sons mayor Regina Romero says local leaders know what's best for their own communities and governor Doug Ducey needs to untie their hands allow them to take their own public health measures to slow the spread of covert nineteen the most important thing we can do for our economy to recover is to slow the spread and we build consumer confidence that will not happen if coping nineteen goes unmitigated even as cases spike in Arizona some people have still been crowding into bars with fuel masks and very little social distancing democratic congressman Ruben Gallego believes it's time for governor Ducey to crack down I think the government needs to come and show leadership and mandate social distancing at least mask more importantly those young men and women may want to get chances but there's somebody had to go to work that day I had no choice okay go says he'd like to see the governor mandate masks for those indoors who can't socially distance Ruben Gallego will join KTA ours Mike Broomhead later this morning Deborah Dale KTAR news reaction out of the supreme court's ruling that businesses cannot fire someone because of their sexual orientation a couple years ago we saw things like marriage be approved by the Supreme Court now L. G. B. T. Q. legislative caucus members as a shop as one sees equal protections apply to Arizona laws and we hope that this next session especially at the Democratic Party is inching to a majority in the house that we can finally put these political games aside the conservative center for Arizona policy fears the ruling will hurt faith based employers Katie a our eyes on the economy chances are your new neighbor is a millennial a new survey ranks Arizona sixty in the country when it comes to the top states that age group is moving to a lot of people between the ages of twenty five and thirty nine have moved to Arizona there was a net migration about twelve thousand four hundred sixty four millennials into the Grand Canyon state that's based on statistics from twenty eighteen smart assets mark locastro says four Arizona cities ranked among the top twenty five in the country Phoenix was eight thirty net migration of about twenty eight hundred mesa was fourteenth the twenty second highest Chandler twenty third highest Stockdale the study doesn't say why millennials are moving to Arizona Bob Maclay KTAR news Texas is the number one state in the lists the number one state millennials are leaving it is New York followed by California KTAR news time eight oh seven Peter Dan is another check in euros life in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center finally some good news on the eastbound ten downtown right yeah I think we can now officially put the old pork in there at least in the crash department that big rig eastbound ten just east of the tunnel has been cleared as was the wreck back at nineteenth Avenue and the broken down truck as well northbound seventeen at seventh street that has been cleared that's been with us almost all morning long as well so where does that leave us just some light delays eastbound I. ten fifty First Avenue towards the total you're only gonna have to add an extra three to four minutes at this point at most and southbound seventeen you definitely have to have a couple of extra minutes from nineteen th Avenue in the Central Avenue got the construction restriction and that is slowing you down Scottsdale road closed north and southbound Joe Max dynamite all morning long that's due to a serious crash try Pima road this morning instead the traffic report brought to you by both in homes two seconds since the mail log but when it comes to water safety it is keep your kids safe this summer for a chance to win swim lessons from the YMCA tech swim to six twenty six twenty deterred antiheroes mostly sunny and breezy with a high of one oh six today one of three tomorrow overnight lows in the mid seventies right now is eighty four degrees in Buckeye whether brought you by Howard.

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