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I was addition by subtraction don't care who the hell was played quarterback this year for the Jacksonville Jaguars they needed to rid themselves of the headache that was Blake Bortles and he's gone and they bring a guy that delivered in Philadelphia there is a god in Philadelphia after help them win a Super Bowl with the eagles now do I trust the Jaguars to take down the pats will save your pictures and you know this well coached we got the greatest quarterback of all time who doesn't seem to age they just had a big time weapon and Gordon as long as he's able to stay on the straight and narrow I consider to pass the drug test he's an impact player even at what is he twenty eight twenty nine years old he still an absolute physical freak you know what you're gonna get in that'll mean yes a little bit of regression at tied it with great cast yes the news the other day with the center David Anders have a blood clots not a good sign at all god it's been a starter up there for for five years in part a you yo intj here that often supplies the rock solid but they're so well coached they know how to execute a game plan and they're no allowed to take advantage of the miscues and misfortunes of others solve your patriot fan that keeps you warm and cozy at night yeah I can't talk ya I can't tell you why you're crazy no pagers are going to be there now this is the year implodes I mean people have been saying that for six years it's all over remember when they lost a game what was it in Kansas city remember that bangles will follow a week this is the week every that it's past time is calm it's over Brady's over bell check what they do like wax the bangles that week and they went on to win the Superbowl there was a Sunday or Monday night game in which they when it can't sitting actually smoked so I don't until it ends I know people hate the phrase well I got to see it to believe it that it really is true with the patriots even when it's over I still believe it's over I mean Brady my point only sixty five years old warm part Gander what's going on in your Hey mark up what do you think the message you're gonna do with JD Davis next season I they haven't listed as an infielder but the little bit that he played third base he was really shaky I think you got a lot less damage out left field and maybe a whole spring training of playing the outfield it could be okay and I like to see him go after it red donuts are yeah it's going to cost you a lot and it always to see the nats lose out on to impact players and let him leave via free agency in back to back all seasons and now a little bit tough to see though Andrew I mean everybody I mean they they want to pay Harper or they gave me a three hundred million dollar offer but I mean some of the money was so I mean it was so convoluted where their pain until the sixty five years old so it was a three hundred million dollar offer an essence but he wasn't getting the money at that stage now Randall we know how great of a player is I mean if you're Washington now their playoff team they're three games up on the calls for the first wild card spot in the National League if shares are healthy they could be a dangerous team major player in the National League I just have a hard time not telling you would look into med uniform I have a hard time thinking then after gonna let another quality everyday player leave the building and walk out of Washington and not sign that he might one leaf but I just have a hard time envisioning that now in terms your initial question with with a JD Davis Andrew maybe also that one of my most comfortable JD Davis's as a DH yeah I know but yeah you know but I you know I there's no DH in the National League so yeah I I would not trust JD Davis in the infield I think the most the best thing you could possibly do is get him as comfortable as he can be as a corner outfielder there we have three DH is right now playing well one ones on I. L. but you know Davis no and a lot of those really should be at the edge well I don't think Alonzo is as bad as scouts lead you to believe there's going to be now he's not he's not Hernandez he's not don Mattingly at first base he's nothing like that Andrew but no I've seen I we've all seen worse for space and now he is not not the fleet is the fort not the most agile guys will make some plays a very very interesting but I can live with Alonso now pro typically if you stick Alonso in the American League would he be a DH probably yes it would be the guy that you're gonna have a defensive replacement for late in the game yeah I mean potentially you know you don't want to lose the battle line up now yeah I mean can no you get concerned about his range now at this stage mid to late thirties that's a problem you're locked into him for four more years yeah Davis what is shown here about JD Davis is it that's one there's not many malt moves in the Aussies the Brody van Wagoner can hang his hat on that's one of when the DS can no one that has not been hung anywhere JB Davis that's a good one any given opportunity and Davis would that opportunity is the law with it so I look him as a piece I don't know if I'd say that he's a foundation piece by look him as a piece now you got to find a way to play if you're gonna be built around starting pitching we also need to have a look at defense somewhere eleven seventeen and the A. M. loses with you we're gonna total fantasy football stock rambling is going to join us in studio Scotty G..

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