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It can actually form. And it does. It can be beam forming. But he was convinced that because of this energy, this is what's causing things to be so full on. And what is odd about all this though? Is that if Albert button was just some Christ researcher, who was just coming up with these wild hypotheses? He made a very strange claim. He said that he actually was advised by the police to disconnect his telephone for a while because they couldn't assist him because he was receiving threatening phone calls. He was receiving phone calls not for him to talk about or speak at lectures about what he had been fighting. He wasn't supposed to publish any of his findings. Even Jacques valet actually wrote to him and said, look, I'm stunned at the elegance to your approach and what you're finding that there may actually be something to it. And when the police apparently looked into it, they couldn't find where these phone calls had come from. Why would anyone or anything want to warn him away from this idea? I don't because it's just I mean, it's exposing everything as a hallucination. I don't know why, but maybe that's why maybe if big ham radio gets on. Well, maybe, I mean, maybe the telco has got to him. Obviously, there's always been people. You see it every time there's a new generation of mobile cell phone technology that comes out. You get a whole group of crazies that start coming up with all it's always happened from the moment that the forget about cell phone technology. Remember when telegraph poles came out, people had these crazy ideas. I know you died, but what I'm saying is that when telegraph poles came out, people had these crazy conspiracy theories that it was controlling people, mind control..

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