Reporter, Jim Forty, United States discussed on The Resistance Report with Robert Reich - Hypocrisy


People said it was a lie and he ends his lie that a shame scandal ends islam by saying it's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist he blames the whole thing on the journalist and he says it's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from liberal journalist created the scene and our campaign volunteer barbecue so not only do you have violence against the reporter not only do you have a big lie told but also you have a statement that says in effect that the term liberal journalist the that term is offered here as an implicit excuse for the candidates violent behavior i mean the none too subtle message two people reading the statement as that jim forty didn't strike out against some guy doing his job but against the enemy a liberal a liberal reporter that's what we are up against in this era of trump that is potentially the new normal that's what we mice must fight against now i don't know what's going to happen today but if this man gene forty becomes a united states representative in the house of representatives i don't care what care whether he's republican or as an independent or he's a democrat or he's a libertarian i don't care what he is he doesn't belong there.

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