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Outside of Park Street station this catenary lost its power does could not transition or need any two one of the trades that became disabled on the westbound tragedy hall of Park Street station the good news is that there's two west on tracks in the keys but able to ship service the other track that's getting passengers out the bad news is they have to move that disabled train until that's gone you can expect some delays probably about fifty minutes which they're running right now the G. does suggest use the arms one as an option live in Park Street Chris samba W. beat the Boston news radio thanks Chris it protects against cancer but at what cost a warning about sun screen is ahead right now nine thirty three let's see what's ahead of you on the roads of silver retailers annoyed with all wheel drive traffic on the three is kicking off traffic and weather together what do you see in their lore Kendall eastbound mass pike is still affected by that earlier crash we had with the two couple of trucks there before four ninety five left over volume is slowly for about four miles approaching four ninety five once you get past it it continues to be heavy approaching the supermarket over past in Newton mass pike eastbound meantime closer to the city year on the brakes and way park to the expressway the Tobin still back to the center spent still full on the lower deck in the liver connector down right by the airport totals of great westbound store rob keep it to the left of a work crew that is set up shop right by the B. U. bridge traffic slow getting pass their route one south and still hung up main street to ninety nine one twenty eight south bound just residual delays now between Wakefield in Waltham route three south I look a lot better through bill Recca getting on to one twenty eight ninety three just a slow there Roosevelt circle into Somerville I still dealing with delays due to an earlier crash as well one twenty eight north bound approaching great plain Avenue needed to route twenty in Waltham northbound express way is it slows while forty one minutes since we will take you right now we have that earlier crash inside the o'neill title that's cleared Laurie ready WBZ's traffic on the three clear skies continue to stretch over the region for the next to a couple of days and it's going to get warmer each day upper thirties today mid forties tomorrow and Thursday.

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