George Floyd, Griner, Derek Chauvin discussed on Stephanie Miller


This administration knows that they have asked the court to do whatever is necessary. And that we are not going to ever be quiet. And so she's home safely. Audio courtesy of the Phoenix mercury. Griner is accused of possessing vape cartridges containing cannabis oil when she arrived at the airport in Moscow. She could get up to ten years in prison if convicted. I'm Donna water. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin will be sentenced this afternoon for violating George Floyd's civil rights. He could get 25 years. He's doing 22 and a half years in a state prison for killing George Floyd, Chauvin's plea deal would have him serve the federal sentence at the same time as the state one and to serve it in a federal prison. A gunman shot a Detroit police officer dead last night and then was shot and killed by police. The officers had been responding to a report of a man firing gunshots. We are hearing that Senate Democrats want to boost taxes on some high earners and use the money to help fund Medicare. The Biden administration will spend nearly a $1 billion to upgrade airports around the country. Gas prices keep coming down, though they're still high, gas is four 75 a gallon this morning. This is a big news. The AP's Mike Gracia has the latest on the abortion controversy. Less than two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court upended abortion rights nationwide, there's a scramble among left leaning states to provide abortion services and protections for women who are denied elsewhere. In North Carolina Wednesday, democratic governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order to protect abortion providers and patients from extradition to states where abortion is now banned. I will never back down when women's health is on the line. Colorado governor Jared polis signed a similar order as did the governors of Rhode Island at Maine late Tuesday. But in Mississippi, the Jackson women's health organization closed its doors Wednesday. Starkville resident Amanda black

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