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So one of the things that I have said to the Republican Party on the issue of life is let us not start at the extremes. Problem solving is different than politics. There are real opportunities to limit abortion in real ways. And Somehow. Republicans and Democrats have never come together on something that the vast majority of people agree on the vast majority of Americans agree that abortion for any reason at all after five months is wrong. And yet, we haven't made progress on that. Despite having pieces of legislation in front of us, that's because playing politics on the extreme. You're either pro choice in any abortion. Anytime is okay or you're pro-life, and there is no middle ground, and we have to pass amendments on Person Hood. We're not making progress. And so. Let's focus on making progress where people agree and actually solving a problem. Let's start there I would also say this. That if we care so deeply about unborn life, and I do because I think every life has enormous potential in his gifted by God and I think abortion is used discriminated against poor people people of color. But, if we care about life, it's unborn. We need to care about life. That's in this world. Who and that means we actually have to make progress on criminal justice reform and police reform, and we have to stand up recognized systemic racism and structural racism make real progress on that, because true many lives that are here are being wasted and ignored and dismissed and overlooked and sadly. Murdered in broad daylight. Let's take a quick break. We'll be back with more carly Fiorina talking about where this all heads to in a moment. This is Jeffrey Goldberg I'm the Editor in Chief of the Atlantic? This show and all of our journalism here at the Atlantic depends on the support of our subscribers..

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