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And riots in in various small towns trump's he seems to miss the huge cataclysm that was going on in paris corsica corsica is a dominant story for napoleon of all his life but particularly now for the next eighteen months and indeed for the next three four five years napoleon it's going back and forth between his military unit while the country is in revolution the fr the country that's not quite as france to corsica it looks and his and his family's very involved in the revolutionary party in ajaccio ends is brothers get involved and polly comes back this upset in corsica did they see themselves as an independent nation was napoleon participating militarily eventually because he wanted to separate from france he had up until with revolution but sadie soon after the revolution he became a a a revolutionary a supporter of what the the jackson's we're trying to do in in france in entirely we make the the whole political process problems and so this clash of course against the the ultra catholic very conservative people surrounding palley and and trying to separate cool success from from from parents especially this happens of course in the religious area that you mentioned earlier because the perez government the jackman government wanted to nationalize the the the church the catholic church and this was what at costco napoleon is unsuccessful in corsica for various reasons having to do with storming the best storming the fortress and political machinations around him at this point he's so long away from his unit he's a deserter but he heads to paris because he's looking for work and he just happens to be there bit like selling when the mob storms the twin cities and forces the king to humiliate himself what does no polian make of that well he despises the king for allowing himself to to be even though emotionally and politically you know he he supposed revolutionaries he also at the same time hates the mold he has been putting down riots things in from but he has this sense that the mall is is a a phibro untrustworthy dangerous fools and and all of his emotions all those the meal which is to to acquaint with houston implicit down on ethan's should have thought on the on the on the mall but that didn't and instead of course loses sixteen eventually paid for it with his life right in the summer of ninety two they storm the twilla raise and then the mob returns in august and the swiss guard is is massacre that's important of the polian because later on as we will see he faces a mob as well when he's defending the national assembly he has they're bullet holes in the twilla that later on he has removed because he doesn't want the the memory of the defeat of the king is the man is going back and forth between the world from kingship in the world from revolutionary but there's another episode in corsica one more time this is in ninety three despite all of all of the turmoil in paris he's going back to corsica because there's a family dispute actually it's an exhausting story about mulberry stand trees is that what it is it was the mulberries yes it's a mold reordered which is fall bought with borrowed money from the state and which he couldn't get to to turn a profit last fall and then his father died and less the family very badly debt and still unable to make this this mobile should hey so he he really he spent time at the time of the revolution mobile the needed about what was going on in paris really back and forth between paris and corsica corsica and paris but eventually going back and forth there's so much turmoil is good not to be in paris for very long they're they're changing sides all the time april of ninety three is important because this is the day that sharon dean's a giron dean the a french general defects to the austrians who become the first of many enemies that france will have an robespierres then a dot innings your on dis traders everywhere this is a way of talking about you betrayed the revolution napoleon is moving back and forth and he moves very close to robespierre to his brother is that dangerous andrew very dangerous because in july seventeen ninety four when the when the jackson fool some sixty jackson's rules skipped off and beheaded including out ghost in a row skier maximilian at that point napoleon has moved close to the brother in.

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