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So welcome to the PODCAST. Our and Wilson. I kid happy New Year. I think we chatted about this time last year. Actually when you first took over the reins as CEO of Rei Group first of all. Could you perhaps reflect back on your first year? What have been the biggest highlights and the biggest challenges on everything and any time? Last year I think we could have predicted. What a challenging market. He was going to be the. There are a lot of reasons why that was. The election of Chinese government on Said Day ran banking and access to finance so challenging. Yeah not any wrath for our customers in in the of properties that will put up evaluating these sunset market. But I'm not in a fantastic year. Glue one of the Canine. They was any time with customers and I got to. My babies are all. I thoroughly enjoyed that up at the legion. They can change. And what's happening in Businesses Avenue? Type guys letting advantages an ugly out. There is certainly nothing like being turned in the day banned for as far as last year. And I think you're absolutely right when we did shut. Nobody could have predicted what would have happened. And I mean really. It was a year of two halves last year. I think sort of like a you know like a football match. The first half was nobody could have predicted that and then all of a sudden after the election and post apper controls being relaxed a little bit things went up again so in twenty twenty new decade. Ye New you. Everything chance to wipe the slate clean almost and start again. What is the outlook? D think like for Rei. She got a good in the last year if you look at some of the underlying indicators in the market for processed signs Rikova in Nova and she'd be where they were down for about eight months. Aukin clearance writes back wincing buyer activity on. Ask up about the same across. Al Have Various Platform so an all time. High Tie game just glued anytime here custom Salazar Guy and he come back and now they're back falling is right that we came back. We haven't seen the Miller. Tv Yet. I think he sees starkly starts happening when school goes back. Which I think there's probably a lot of parents breathing. Sigh of relief right about now. A big arrive at the checkout and like really ramp up these waiting watching this next. Two weeks all is riding. Yeah absolutely I mean. Look at Spain a tough Christmas as well because obviously we had those devastating bushfires around Australia in I mean you know we're still not out of the out of the woods. There are no area. I've been doing a lot to support the bushfire victims. Can you just talk through a bit? What's available to particularly to agents and they customers who have been affected by day's events. Everyone all of stop having absolutely shocked by what we've seen on TV screens or Bush and and not just an age range. I mean we keep us stop. I'm a couple of days by gear. Melvin so you know. The unbelievable impact is really evident for all of this and we've created a police fire relates package infected customers to access when the time is ripe for them. Evolve the eruptive it. Houston's measures new giving Marie upgrades on these teams and now additional costs rate funding. I'd appetizing any properties that we get areas may give me taking on my winding out. Phase for active customers in these areas emerge aiming plans and the other one would really paddle is. We've opened up outflanks sides for free to anyone who has a room available for Bush becomes. We've had a very blading on to that. I think we've had Hundreds of brings offered by the general public on page DOT COM and they will take five victims of been displaced from their properties are. We'll let the guy. White Volta had financial donations bushfire relief. And we've had an incredible response from us. We have match giving and will match often actually as well generate a lot of support for the charity to help him. By the gyms amazing the floodlights one is a really good one too so I have a bunch of people jump on. That one wants to thank again really better than getting the message out there to people who wanted to either room so someone who needs it. Let him neither disabilities available daily freight us. We'll connect the native of rain with them. For a the Veta- we can spread that message mornings. We can mike available. I'll see what I can do about that one. Speaking of the there was another message over Christmas which was a big one from area. And that is that you announce the appointment of cool seeing who everyone knew from wrench to the role of hit a sales. That's really exciting for cool area. I'm sure what The primary objectives going to pay for cool moving forward and how will that benefit Rei customers? We had a strength of talent. We could select crawl gently and it's cool on the beach. You need my to his advantage through. He's lady you know Iran business so and you have cool. He's well known to a lot of customers and never did angel side but he's also now is also initial develop a and M. media customers say priority is to get around the other pieces and to Jamaica with as many customers the as he and what they need and help us develop out strategy around guarding value. Customers that'll be a good challenge. Came to stop twenty twenty eighth so the topic added complication as he became father gang last week. He ain't got a new job and a new baby. The big push just going along here to a lightning pace at the moment bit Twenty so that's had a lot of interest in it particularly from from outside so area don customer events before around Australia and and we've seen the my main series roll around the country for the last couple of years. That pro twenty looks like it's something on a much bigger scale. So what's The thinking behind Pro Twenty? And what's the Cave Jacky for you for this? This series of events we need. I oughta looking at how we can get back to the street. And so this is an you. Series could helping support cry and prosperity across the property industry. It's free event. We'll customers vary. I grew and it's really designed to help them about half. They can succeed because as before success. He's entirely dependent on the success of customers dimensional theory. It convinces in Mont. It's GonNa be found the Rei customers together a Melbourne Sydney Brisbane. And they've told us. They came more about industry trends. That can shimmering xajdour in general have Josh exists. Really thought about your eighty for some people that may have attained my mentioned in the past couple of years one of the big differences that they can expect from this series of events twenty major away from that traditional game format. It's designed to cut his more chilling because nine to one so I was just up at all I'm confident orange vested tiles etc. Which is why. We've created an agenda that lasts to choose sessions. It's going to be relevant business names. The dishes will be laid by industry experts to leave an reeling sides. And hopefully actionable tiger is is a very deep hole that that alcohol will only joy from what I understand. Everyone starts in the same rain. But then you can kind of pick and choose which streams you want to attend whether your in property management or sales or whether you're a developer oil media like you're actually catering to old groups bet correct and a number of Al Ladyship some about very specific property toppings and he can essentially cheese adventure at this event which we legal their usual. Yeah absolutely. Can you give me a little snaky couple of things that people might take away from the series.

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