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I'm sorry. Yeah right there. When it goes. Now. This was going on and and and and the students on campus would go. And come. So point, Phil where throughout the day you'll hear it like this. This is how you hear it. Hello. Your head. Are you right? I mean you're not hearing things. So that's it well, Dr Barnes I mean, no no. So and his barn for the nine hundred times I'm sorry Doctor Barn Yeah. So that's it. So you think I've gone around the bend. You think I'm as crackers crackers basically they come all cracked up on what you think. When you're hearing things like you you're hearing ooh, that's how that's exactly what I'm hearing because it's coming from the students lounge it's coming from the teachers. Dining hall is coming from the rooms is coming from off campus place. They all see Dr Barn, the guy who made an asset of himself hunting vampires until they didn't exist and I said to a guy suck it out of my neck and he pulls his pick out. You'RE GONNA have to get over that anger and bitterness and I know that don't need for you actually on it. All right but you have to get over that anger bitterness because. You did the right thing. You said there are no vampires and now you're trying to tell people. Yes and now I'm trying to tell people and they look at you like Oh really they'll stretch their head go fancy that. saw the whole thing is just like. What are they doing? Are they booked me for a lecture? And they'll pay me. But what do they do they sit there staring at me going wow. When did you figured out what Sherlock and by the way I have to tell you fill it? I'm sorry but I have to consider legal action on your facebook page. Someone took out an ad Dr Arthur or excuse me, Dr. Sherlock Holmes Tonight on the Phil Hendrie show. Did you see that? They took out an ad on his facebook page. You can take anti. facebook. Well it must have been on the fan page. Yes. What about pages we got? We've got three facebook pages. All right. Well, one of them. tonight Dr Arnn. Docking what was it a? What was that tonight? Dr Dates? No Tonight Dr. Sherlock Holmes bonds figures out. There's no such thing is on. Tonight Dr Arthur Sherlock Holmes Barnes figures out this slow no such thing as them. So the humiliation heaped upon humiliation. The insults is he on insult? Okay did you do that? Did you hear that I did yeah, we heard it. What are you GonNa? Tell me that's one of your students. No the grew is the doors closed. You didn't do that. WHO's Dutch Dutch is one of my students gonNA, ask you for the last time. Did you go? Ooh, did you do that I did? Yeah. Why because I I? have some laughs. I was trying to have some laughs. Yeah. Then three. Bucks Get Outta here Dr Barn I said nobody gets to assault anybody on this show. It's happened whether the guests it's happened to other times there was a prohibition or I will call the police. Get outta here is. You hit that man. So what you're not allowed to do that man or call the cops who knows how absolute get out of here, touch. I just want to apologize. Come on and it's okay. Sit down. and Go do it again. Sorry. I. You know what? I'm saying Dr That's against the law. So I I know but I'm my nerves a rugged. All, right I'M GONNA kick. I'M GONNA go. There is those what an asshole man. Hey. If you see him suck is going on I have no idea. Better be able to win I WANNA, see as soon elbows. Asses and elbows. That's right. No don't have. That that was one of my students that was. Finds out yeah. He did it on purpose he just took off running. So this is the humiliation. Wait a minute. Is this boy a. here's what is your student advisors he's a student system I had yeah. If only worked for a week. He's what he did that he went. ooh whatever that was did you did you see them? Ran Down the street you see him. You're tell him on for him. Better yet, when you see him, tell him to hide system coming. Close the doorway. Close the door. Right. There feel very glad that happened. So that's harassment that's been going on harassment. It's been going on for quite some time but you're gonNA have to tell ministration that this is going on because this is a this is a threat that could turn more serious by all the do right now is this glue. But I told you, you know I'm being book for these lectures now and they they book through the Columbia Speakers Series so that when I go out for these lectures. Dr Arthur barn tonight on the non-existence Vampires people are sitting there and they organize these groups and they come in and they're scratching their heads and saying things like No kidding. Oh, I didn't a did you know that honey and I just go. You know thanks very much. I collect by materials and walked down the hall and then maybe one will run after being no seriously Dr, we're just kidding around. there. Okay. So I'll turn out go back I'll continue to lecture and next thing you know his some smart ass with his is Chen going no vampires next you're gonNa tell me there's no such thing as imps. And I said what he said imps I m PS imps. And so I know that he was trying to insult me. So I went I. What is an IMP? Back class that that's what Herman is and pointing at the guy was giving me shit never mind. Stories. Kind of involved it. Really. Beside the point but. The point is you're being harassed at the school being harassed at school and..

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