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Read this one right here right now and who knows it could be yours. You never know all right. Let's buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you. Here dis strawberry letter. Thank you nephew subject. She's just downright. Nasty okay dear. Stephen shirley. I've been with my wife for thirteen years but we've been married for nine years. We have three children ages. Four seven and ten during our marriage. I've cheated and mismanaged our finances of few times. Whenever i messed up. I messed up. And she was always willing to forgive me and move on but when she's angry with me she's just downright nasty she's spit on me and thrown things at me out of anger and she will leave our home with the children for days without telling me where they are five months ago. She figured out the password to my phone and was checking my texts and found pictures of a woman that i have been texting. I never made plans to hook up with this woman but my wife did the usual thing by disappearing and a week later. She called to invite me to meet her to talk. She gave me the address to an apartment complex. It was very nice place. And i noticed her fortieth birthday picture along with the picture of our children on the mantle. She told me it's her new home and she wanted me to see it before our kids moved in. She gave me divorce papers and told me she's done done done with me period. I tried to caress her and calm her down but she was very cold towards me. She told me she's met a great man and he's been giving her the best loving she's ever had in her life then. Her brother walked in and said it was time for me to leave. I swore to her that i was going to find. The man broke up my family. She said i'm the man that broke up our family. She is dead wrong for blaming me after she forgave me to get keep our family together. How can it be my fault. When i haven't cheated in years. Why is she being so nasty toward me. Now all right. Why would you have the audacity to even ask that question. Okay why is she being so nasty toward you now. Why did you cheat on her for years and mess up the money. I mean really. What is wrong with you. Did you not read your own self letter. Did you not read it before you send it in. You cheated on your wife not once not twice but a few times you all still also messed up the finance. It's the once or twice and that's big as well and now you're shocked. You're shocked that your wife has left you for good dude. You blanked up your marriage. Okay not the man you say you're going to find for breaking it up. Your wife told you you broke it up so look in the mirror okay. Are you listening to any of this. I mean i is anyone at home inside your head. You're delusional at this point. She was just sick and tired of you. And your mess okay. That happens that happens. Women get fed up. You know that all right in her own words she was done done done with you period..

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