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And asked you i'm just saying you need to weigh about spreading your business con this whole scene you can tell that they were like okay at one point we're going to go after her we're going to get her perfume then you go matt okay i'll start jumping and karen has no idea what's coming at it's like the resurrection of the great falls scandal because ashley bisa like well he was at a gay club and he got really drug and he told everyone that count his living in great falls that she lives in an apartment and then shasha also chiming in has like well how and karen has been saying at the town house at night yet before they were married he had a bat footpath but then they kept it after they got married and they have that where he thing which is so fishy on so many levels that he just kept his bachelor pad this whole time yes the cairns i well i know that we don't always agree but if there's something you can tell me that arming me i'd really like to know also ashley one thing she leaves out probably michael who heard this caper while we're throwing gay stones still living at your home in great falls because i am i am yes i am sure i am which you know it's a lie like so obvious if ever murder somebody you're going to right away yes exactly no i didn't murder him i was walking on a beach somewhere between twelve and three pm looking at sealers there were sealed their fish is wonderful time i wasn't anywhere close to that house when jeanphilippe walked in and hand accidentally got on the head i know how those details seem that's what happened found now every season there's some drama about work karen lives and i fucking love it because every season she finds a reason to lie about we're flipping exactly best fucking it's the best running storyline ever so i try to laugh at oh nothing more of him is where i'm living now a shelter shelter tax shelter i don't know what that is hitting me so then then like no townhouse and she's like well there is a townhouse it's jason to my state they show like the house like karen's house and then like pans the left like cairn's townhouse i'm like that is not a townhouse house regular house which is connected the tailbone which is connected to the niba so anybody wanna have a doctor on now shasha sorry no i was just gonna just like so which do you live in the town house in the house and she's well if i want to my tennis tried to save some cloyne and athletes have mine i live by life ashley i'm living in my truth ashley shasha though shosh actually brings the best evidence that we've seen yet she's.

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