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And when I used to bunk of school is to go, read the music, press an, it's or find out about literature and find out all these whole save influences of about William Burroughs. From David Bowie found out about Rambeau from pice myth and blah, blah, blah on and on. It goes by also found out about whether music comes from so wanna go into new young nextstep, go deeper finer about Burr Jentzsch and Pence angle that spoke to me got really into that. Go deeper, find among Kathy find out about the war sins. Just go as deep as you can into. You just get to the bottom of it, absorbed what you counsel big of Mike guitar techniques combined to plane is folk music, the psychedelic aspects of it. If you listen, some burn hundred manual though psychics will happen in the early two, thousands, some concern a little bit. Like while I was doing in the Smiths, some of my acoustic plane is psych folk. I got that from spending maybe three month period. Absolutely absorbing myself in Burr Johnson, ROY Harper. So every finish fair game for me as long as it isn't straight. He said that when people start. Making Roger McGlynn comparisons. You actually hadn't heard that much birds and then went back and some of that same with high life, man, journalists, you know, interesting. When we came out in the Smiths people were making these assumptions, I guess, because played the Rickenbacker. That's all of the story that I was really into the birds. Also buffet. There was a bit of a movement of people in Scotland, they were being cited by own think I only knew Mr.. Tambourine man turn to turn so thus interesting thing about being common it on. I kind of went, okay, but a check this out and what was useful to me. I kept him what was not useful. Elast best example is is that when this chairman monkey amount of quite a few reviewers mentioned king Sony day hours. I didn't have the skill in the knowledge to be to be fair. I wasn't not hip to be influenced by highlife. Let's hear that intro for second. That is crazy because even now I still better than it was influenced by highlife because it sounds tremendously like it completely accident. I think he's because I rish. Yeah, on the only Irish highlife musician. No, I think it's to do with eccentricity of of average music. That's like the the sort of the modes and of the sort of Celtic. Yeah. Yeah, I think to do with the accidental Celtic assimilation. Yeah. So it's sort of like a parallel evolution thing, like the same animal evolves on two different continents. That kind of thing, you know, crazy mental picture. They're like a leprechaun, south of South African leprechaun. That is wild. So you know, maybe vampire weekend rather than ripping off highlife action ripped off that one song. We don't know. Also, you know, again, this good example of is a fact then Sern I was playing the sound of my feelings and not moment, and quite often very exuberant, little dude. I know as I had reason to be zoo print, I was in a band. I absolutely adored with people. Absolutely adored. It went in a situation. I've been felt I was born four. It was always work for our never been work-sharing. And then you know, if you listen to some of that really exuberant music, that's in the Smith, listen to our go, God, his a so wonder didn't explode with joy, but that's the way I was feeling an odor apology. I was feeling because me and my band Emma Mace were making if a record in the studio and we were sounding Pritam good. I always almost like I, I don't know whether the guys the guys put it in these terms. I was like the walking human barometer of how the four was was feeling good and bad. I internalized. It all and Athuenis quite the says, quite a lot. Good things about the boundary because quite lov is very, very positive. So you're so album call. The comet definitely gets into some darker moods. There is a genuinely spooky song called walk into the sea. Let's hear that one. Just where did the, it really struck me the vibe. Well. The thing with a record was I was really led by my emotions and the whole of Alba..

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