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Opening festivities tomorrow before and after husky basketball crews are putting the final touches on the new highway ninety nine tunnel under now downtown Seattle. So you can drive it starting Monday morning. Dave sours with the State Department of transportation says there's one piece that will open Saturday after the celebration. The new intersection at south Dearborn and Alaskan way Alaskan way would be open, but the southbound on ramp will not be open until Sunday. And of course, the northbound ramp to Dearborn will not be open. But that east west from I two Dearborn overdue Alaskan way that will help as our still won't give the exact time. The tunnel will open just said it'll be opened by five AM Monday. The next thing to close the battery street tunnel that happens ten o'clock tonight. Eighteen year old is now accused of a deadly hit and run last month in spanaway aerial Vasquez. Lopez was hit and killed while he was walking along one fifty second street, east January fifteenth the Pierce county sheriff's department says they had had nine one one been called right away. His life could have been saved today. Investigators say they arrested the suspected driver at his parents home in south hill at the home. They found a white Toyota Camry that was missing a side view mirror. Similar mirror was found the scene of the accident. The trooper Rams a truck thief during on the on the wrong side of the highway today, the driver pled guilty in Pierce county courtroom. Komo's Keith Eldridge reports that happened four months ago, but it's still fresh in the memory of trooper Bryce Schramm. A stolen truck was coming the wrong way on state route sixteen trying to get away from Lakewood police to Schramm said that he knew we had to take action before the driver killed someone. So he aimed his patrol car, right? At the truck driver. Tried to swerve. But the trooper kept on him collided spun around and got him to stop.

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