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Get at harry joe palmer. Who is wanted by new york. Cops is that and george pad way the big shot englishman is me so i ducked out quick though a hotel. Get a change of clothes. And i figured maybe i'd better take a look the rest of pat way stuff to see if maybe i can get an angle. Well i find this letter on them from some guy named eve. Velasco's zuleta says velasco's looks forward to meeting pad way names at time and a place. Now anybody else how it is. I might have for quite a wuss. But not yours truly. I know that blanco's has never seen pathway. Valetta practically said that and pad way himself has told me he don't know nobody in madrid. John and i figured it goes is probably just a guy to get me out of this on me so Why do i do. I simply thank me pen in hand. And i write a letter very nice in the george pathways handwriting for lactose. Says i will likewise look forward to meeting you at the time and place. You say sign george pathway. The next night. I got to keep the date now. Foreign harry madrid israeli tough shape since his fascist mob has been giving it the business paper all poor and hungry especially to women and kids so naturally i feel sorry for them as i brushed them off and walk into this hotspot. I take on a table. And i- delaware biking. I must must've like i'm sitting at practicing with me Pencil and paper making me lines and circles into next thing you know ain't alone. Hello oh well. that's what's cooking. What don't you do it just practicing. Why do you think a secret code. Yeah that's right. The code i it's you ain't so pretty yourself bay Only got some business tonight. Aren't you going to ask me to hurry. Drink yeah were combat. Getting out of here and going someplace else though. What about your business. Well what a fav- like your. I'm afraid business will have to wait a little win. Shall we go about the mike going up to my hotel room. You mean room. Three fifty nine women. How did you know what is your name. You george padre so what you are well known senior for sure but My name is eliana but finally not but Now about my last name. He well beyond monkey's uncle blanco supposed to meet here. Well in that case elena. Just call me. Joe georgia of course george. But now you're i think perhaps we had better go to that hotel. Room of your south rona. Oh sure good idea but only for business of course naturally but there is one thing i cannot wait to do. What's that congratulated nice. Why play for that through train. Job of course. Wasn't that them really. But there is still something i.

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