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From what i can gather from what john was signing from brookline That oath rabies the. I'm or similar multiple Our all Meshed using the second runnings essentially You're essentially mashing meshing months drawing often than when the Trying to wash the grind again you take medoff and then you mash game with that. Lots of sort of trying to mike the my state of the the poor little grind. Let's take you along time and do its thing and you can get The web can't think of it but anyway just really making the most of it no phoned interesting too. That they haven't got any really all five is because you can't get some flavors from the grind when you really ripped through that in cape cape. Wash 'em going overnight. Various eras but But yeah it's quite interesting and very low on the On the help probably follows well which join on mike. The show showing here where it's more bit. Probably the molten the and what you can get the characters out of the but that are really enjoyed. This is all Sitting there listening to that is going on for a little bit that it. I'm really enjoying that That i really feel like that's a into the. We've got a couple more to go a couple more indolent aunts bubba yoga does that bring about ni- really had to look that up. Okay maybe some A couple of a couple of references. I if you saying. John not those site in the first the mine bed going. That is russian. And he's talking to john we coming for everyone and he describes joan week as bubby brought and someone was like. What's bubby hege. what are you talking to me. And he said oh thing that comes and get you and then all of it's bad at odds on the abedin eight kids but apparently they stuffed it up and that's a different russian focal character code. Bubba bubba yeos bobby bobby yes. It's it's similar but bubby. Yoga is an old lady that lives in a house. Kind of like i'm handling griddle. Look look to lose a hand. She eight kids that that. Come to the Did you have apply on the all say. Did you ever play hero's quest for that. Did you ever play any of the guys police quiz. We'll those a hero's quest and it was like a fantasy version mob and in that one of these missions was. He had to go on fallen bubby aga- wrought and looked up the actual maintaining of what way the the mythology of bubby yoga lighted lived in a house. That was built on chicken. Did you say that not come across has was up on chicken..

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