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And i understand we have with us. Newt gingrich he's been i understand. He's been away. He's been enjoying a rome and he's back mr speaker klaus great talking to you welcome back. We missed you. You were out. You were in rome enjoying the sun enjoying the vatican to the newsletter today. Asking really simple question when you watch all of these thousands of people illegally crossing the border Where are they going. Apparently the biden administration will not tell us where they're sending all of the illegal immigrants. They're sending them where they need votes. Well i think that's what they're doing. But i think i think they owe to the american people when you have people coming over to have not been tested for covert in many cases have not been checked for a criminal record. to just put on a greyhound and say good luck strikes me as really totally irresponsible and a threat to the country. And i think that this is. This is an issue that members of the house and senate out of the sem. So who's coming to mind district and who's gonna pay for it It's it's a real problem and of course when you start letting thousands of people across the border one way to think of this. As compared to a city in july under the biden system. We add birmingham. you know. Illegal immigrants to birmingham alabama two hundred. One thousand people Where did they go. You know how many of them were criminals. How many how many of them had covert in in mcallen. Texas were a lot of them. Go early on They estimate was sixteen. Percent of the people coming across the border had cove it now. that's basically who was actually in mccallum. So they'd had about seven thousand. I think well come to their relatively small town at least speaker. What may in the last seven months policies that the biden administration comes up with. What do you think makes you the most angry or hurt our country. The most that is a really good question. I i think what what has made me. The angriest actually was not by but pelosi As a former speaker of the house. I think that the the us house is very very very important. And i think that it is the center of freedom not not the presidency which is just a kingship but but the the. Us house is built on the traditional british house comments and watching her become a dictator watching her break every single rule Watching her run things entirely on her. Own i i think is the most destructive thing i've seen by any american politician In a very very long time. And i think that if we will see for years from now and of course it's carried over to biden who was told by the. Us supreme court that he cannot by executive order. stopped landlords from collecting the rent Decides she'll just go ahead and violate the constitution. Which is you know in. The supreme court has ruled if a president goes directly that ruling. He is clearly violating the constitution. And you have to wonder. I mean doesn't there's no respect for the rule of law at the border. There's no respect for the rule of law when it gets involved in an issue that the left-wing cares about And of course now although we already have inflation and we already see gasoline..

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