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No big deal but I also hope you can like it probably is true that your father in law really loves his wife and right. It's a complicated is not ideal but it doesn't mean everything was a lie. I mean some things were huge life but they didn't love each other and it doesn't mean that they didn't agree to tell that lie for what they thought was the best thing for their son. You know what I mean especially if it's a small town where everyone's gossiping. I mean that's Roy again like you may be surprised how many people it turns out knew about this for thirty years right. I mean these are actually. If it's a small town exactly like this happens all the time. Yeah it's not the part that's unusual is marrying your secret relative. That is wrinkled. I have not encountered before right. Luckily you're not half siblings. That would be that I would be suggesting like other. Yeah that'd be a bummer. But like cousins. I feel like you can deal with this but it's totally work with. You can deal with it I just you know. Take some time to make sure you're dealing with it because you don't don't feel like you have to make this work if he he can't or if you can't or if this becomes untenable but obviously you WanNa make your marriage work you say on the letter so you know give it a shot. I believe that you can make this work Yeah but I would hesitate to go straight to. Let's talk to your family about it. Yeah and good luck. I hope you get that. They're good luck. DOC deserve a therapist. You deserve a lot of support. Follow up on with prudence because I am fascinated to know how this turns out on us and anyone anyone else. Who's listening who like is about to buy a DNA testing kit? Just go ahead and don't get anything else. I or a puppy. We'll be here and don't get upset. I was just say the only thing other than you shouldn't get. Don't get an animal as a gift. That's always a mistake. Oh yeah no not. It's a gift for someone. No God no I know. But that's thinks she got it as a gift gift for birthday present it was. It was his birthday present. Oh God happy birthday like paternity crisis. Yeah no not great all right moving onto something with some lighter steaks and it's your turn to read it.

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