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<hes> the post game and the pivot game of lottie and the chris was different than some of our guard but everybody could do everything which changed the whole complexion of the game. He didn't see a lot of big guys. Grab the rebound and take two or three read dribbles a start to break. It was always you grabbed. A ball to guard comes back. He gets the basketball less slows us now will if chris grabbed a basketball and takes two dribbles rebels needs saying don't wait doug run by the time he hits me. I am on top of the other guy and now that leads to a trill jump shot for chris or vlada or whatever whatever so it was we we i think we had a understanding a sports illustrated cover probably help that and help people understand the greatest show on court but but it was mighty mighty about a fun yeah no and it was a blast to watch <hes> as well and yes the sports illustrated cover people. Go back and read that one too because i i remember that that was <hes> that that they captured you guys yes. They did random thought. I i didn't get going through notes reminiscing wallace putting notes together about your air and everything else do we think they might be the last spill time smoker to have played in the n._b._a. That's a good question right. Last time. I came across a player who actually like most likely yeah i would say that's a i mean. Culture stink tion <hes> culture different era a lot of different. Yeah you could be right yeah most definitely yeah. He's not still quick by i. I don't know that's a good question. I don't hang out with him. What i see i never did even even when we played. I just remember because me and blah. They've been together since a he was in the lakers when i was rookies right. Yes i've known yeah we we go back a long time. You're disavow those kings teams to dredge up you know bad memories but i mean that we think of the lakers being the dominant team of the air because they won three in a row so there are dynasty. They won three in a row. That's legit. That's that's just how these things go but but i always bring up to people how close it was to being one instead of three because in year one of their therefore limping ship yeah they're down fifteen points in and fourth quarter of game seven in the western conference finals to portland amazing comeback absolutely of course earned it they win that one day role year to and then your or year western conference finals obviously there's the much disputed discussed debated controversial game six with officiating issues and it goes to game seven and you guys guys have a chance in overtime of game goes to overtime at arco arena so two things about that one was about had the thin line between dynasty and just title or maybe two instead of three <hes> because they could have easily lost that one you guys could easily be the one in the finals beaten up on the nets but to it's how we perceive receive both the portland team and your team because that was stacked team was stacked. You and you're right when you said a few minutes ago that you guys don't really get the credit in retrospect yeah. You probably deserve <hes> because you didn't have tattled behind it but you guys went like i jotted down last night. I mean it went forty. Four wins in a first round loss to fifty five wins the next year and then swept by the lakers in the second round sixty one and sixty one min one two when you lose in the conference finals to them and you guys were freaking good..

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