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Take to take medicine to go to treatment to do anything. This is a free country and people do not have to get treatment if they don't want you, So we have to look at the reality that you can build up and we should. Oiled up funding for mental health. We should look at these red flag warnings. You should do whatever we can to support those in need. Absolutely. But you still can't force them and you're going to have people with untreated mental health issues walking around, posing a threat not just to themselves. To the community, and there's goingto have to be people who unfortunately have to deal with the ugly, scary realities of it that are not clear cut. You know my husband's position he talks about people that come in and trauma. With gunshots, etcetera. It's not a pretty scene. I mean, ripping clothes off doing whatever you need to do to keep people are alive or to save communities, and unfortunately there are times When Mom, it is just not a pretty job, but people do what they have to do to protect themselves and protect others and the best interest of all again. There are flaws, the reforms that need to be made. But this national conversation with law enforcement. It's just become the fact of the problem that they meet. There's this punitive now approach to quote unquote. Fixing. The problem that law enforcement has created is just so shortsighted. It is insulting and it's going to hurt community and what I'm afraid of is going to reach a point where we do not have police officers on the street. Crime is going to store. You're gonna have the flipside of communities marching. Thank you Want law and order And now what are you going to do? Well, look and say look a Seattle, right, Rania mean that the lawsuits now coming from businesses and citizens there in the chop zone, who were not did not see eye to eye with chop. You know what? You d police. You pull the police out. You have Obviously, crime will still continue. I don't know how good street medics are Probably not that good. Their track record didn't seem very well. But you know you all of a sudden taking up arms and defending your property or not even your property. Your neighborhood. But what about the prop? What about those who pay for those services that aren't getting far letyou go Iranian man carry ISS founder Crimestoppers. She's in Houston this morning on 700 wlw overall Highest crime stoppers work. You know, we give the number out all the time. They're news. We're looking for your tips for Cases, air wanted individuals. Mike in the morning talks about his says the cops on talking about that. Is that a Is that still a success story or people still reluctant to call because they're afraid, you know, because of the snitch mentality there. I'm going to something happening them of their family. No, actually tell you. Crime Stoppers is an incredible working greatest greatest organization example of community and law enforcement partnerships. We work with the law enforcement community media. To get information anonymously. People never have to worry about calling and use that information. We give it to her alone. First partners. We felt thousands and thousands and thousands of felony case but I'll tell you what we do. That might even be more important as we are boots on the ground in communities were in the schools. We work with kids, kindergarten and up entitled one schools Beyond making sure that you know kids have all the information they need to not just stay safe, whether online in community Wherever they might be, but make smart choices. We do not want to see Children funneled into what's called the cradle to prison pipeline. We want to make sure they have everything. Who at every and from every piece of information at their fingertips to make the right choices to state state. We've removed weapons from the hands kids before they can be used in school. We're just such incredible organization and it is the honor of my life. Besides being the mother of my three wonderful kids to be the CEO of this incredible organization, I'm just so proud. Of what communities could do when they make public safety. A proactive priority. They work together to protect all it's really just an incredible organization. Is that really an honor to talk? Good. And here in Cincinnati? You know, we crimestoppers a big part of our community here to, uh I just wonder what the numbers are in the in cases like this, And you know, we do get people call in tips and time in a timely fashion to Ronnie all the best. Thanks for joining us here and thanks for what you do. Thank you. So much of a great case. Not I'm done here and after Reds roundup in news, Willie's a 12 06 with Joe Deters, talking about cases he's got going on. Also a tow my Denard and I will point out that the folks until we have sought to Maya Denard case here in Cincinnati and settled on my beer because they not have one. They have four members of Toledo City Council accused of doing what Tamayo Denard it and that is accepting Brax while in office. And a lot of same charges after two year FBI investigation or what they went after to my dark you'd imagine Four of of your council members, all now being accused of accepting bribes will ease up next on 700 WLW Cincinnati in the No man's.

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