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Democrat nominee his level of extremism the radical leftism would be an excellent foil for any of the fine republican candidates who are vying for the ballot today and you know i talked about this a lot during the week and had candidates on and all of the excitement and the drama and the anger when walker stapleton's determine he determined that his signatures had there was a fraudulent signature gatherers and so he walked away from submitting signatures to petition onto the ballot he'd already been certified he was there and on wednesday and he told me on what wednesday night i guess that he had or maybe it was thursday that he had an absolute sleepless tuesday night trying to decide what to do because his signatures would have held up the secretary of state had determined that he had valid more than ten thousand i think valid colorado signatures and so those would have held up but there would have been lawsuits going on it would have been a mess and stapleton said it was a matter of integrity for him he's got a look at himself in the mirror gotta look at his kids so he's going to be there and it seems highly likely to me that he'll walk away with thirty percent he will definitely be one of the ones to emerge in my prediction onto the ballot the question is who's next who else manages to get on the ballot because with stapleton there i suppose it could do one of two things and i've been a delegate i know how this feels on the floor i know how these conversations go sometimes they're heated facebook floated across a picture you know how facebook puts up the history and you can reposted it and i did who was a picture of me standing with lanta for the former secretary the colorado state republican party standing next to each other at the last state assembly leading up to the presidential election she and all of her trump regalia and me with my cruz for president sign and there was so much ugliness between the cruise people and the trump people there that she and i thought it would send a really great message to stand side by side and remind people that we're friends forever that were in the.

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