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Was to make some examples and to scare everyone else into submission But you know for the for the vast majority of of the city it is, it is weirdly normal here and has been since there's been came in on on Wednesday It does seem like you know for for the activists in Hong Kong. It's B. It's going to become even more uncomfortable. But for now for the rest of Hong Kong I guess this piece on the streets. It's a very very sunny, very very warm time of year and everyone seems to be out on the streets doing what they normally do, so you know what you can't see. I you know at the moment is what's happening Foot for the activists in some of fleeing some. A some will no doubt go underground, and it'll probably end up being a bit like the occupy movement you know. When the police came and cleared that off the streets after seventy-nine days, it went very quiet here. Feel for five years, and then suddenly it sprung up again in two thousand and one thousand nine so I imagine we'll be looking at a similar scenario. What about the number of people who may now leave I mean? We're seeing Nathan Law. Quitting the territory, we've also seen offers by the United Kingdom to allow up to three million. Residents to actually come, and in the UK. Yes I mean. I guess we should see that as a bit of a insurance policy. I don't see you know. Vast numbers of of Hong Kong as fleeing right now and get on the next plane. To London three hundred thousand people apparently have be no possible right now on a further. Two point seven million could be entitled to them. but..

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