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Her big break however came in two thousand twelve when weeds creator jinjie cohen caster as sofia burst a trans woman in prison for credit card fraud on orange is the new black a drama pti series about life in a women's prison the first season of which was unveiled in two thousand thirteen and quickly became the most watched original content on that then burgeoning streaming service called net flicks for the first seasons third episode lesbian request denied which was directed by jodie foster and explored sophia's backstory cots earned her first historic emmy nomination for the fourth seasons fourth episode dr psycho which depicts what life is like for a trend person in solitary confinement she earned her second earlier this month in between she also landed her time cover and became only the second tranche performer ever to be a regular on a broadcast networks show the cbs drama dell which premiered and was cancelled after the airing of just two episodes earlier this year but additional episodes of which continue to err on the tiffany network on saturdays at eight pm and also are available online over the course of our conversation at the offices of the hollywood reporter cox and i discuss a wide range of topics among them the shaming that she faced as a gender nonconforming kid and how it drove her to the brink of suicide why she moved to new york got into acting and ultimately decided to go through with a full transition why she was interested in the trials and travails of imprison trans women even before she ever heard of orange is the new black why she continued working at the new york drag queen restaurant lucky chang's even after she got higher to do the show what it's felt like for her to see her rise to fame followed by far greater acceptance and representation of transport will elsewhere from transparent to kaitlan jenner to chelsea manning and much more so without further ado let's go to that conversation.

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