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Tommy lee jones right where he goes back in time that was terrible his town his tommy lee jones was good though josh brolin by the way we mentioned earlier josh berlin what's what's going on with him this summer yeah my god he's in the biggest movie of all time he's in the avengers infinity warriors villain in that he's the villain deadpool and now he's the he's in sakaria him and benicio del toro running around shooting there's an untitled men in black spinoff do for twenty nine thousand nine starring chris hemsworth and tessa thompson liam niessen apparently why why okay austin powers movies but i'm trying to think it was the beyond say one that was supposed to be the summer one i don't remember doesn't another series of movies i'm not crazy about i remember the first one i can't remember the first one i think it was the summer movie beyond say was the last one right that was the iraq goldmember old member two thousand and two so there's been three there were three there was the original one then there was the spy who shagged me with heather graham and and and of course beautiful stranger madonna song that's the best part of the home of it and then the gold member the original was may second so beginning the movie tanked people forgot in the original austin powers movie tanked the box office it wasn't until it came out on video that it caught on and that's that's the case with a lot of movies you know what i mean like a lot like office space didn't do anything it you know that tanked at the box office and then became like this huge cult hit on video and deservedly so 'cause it's awesome okay we're gonna break here and we'll come back and talk.

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