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Talking about turning indiana jones into a woman so brimmer in minneapolis wants to speak in on that welcome to the program there thank john games pat bremmer i sparingly because you've spoke you kind of in a way change subjects from hollywood i bet in by hollywood of gains cagney but that doesn't necessarily mean a movie and yes i have contact or to to hollywood yet changing for spielberg to marvel comics still you you you kinda went lows there are shit i mean the skin aaliyah world war go and dead law real good like you don't hear about but i have no idea what he's talking about i have no idea what he's talking about it all he apparently he knows james cagney or something like i and he's confused by i wonder flap jack firing payton you could just meet in anything randy in coon rapids you gotta be better than that so go ahead i will give it a shot the thing that the indiana jones hypersensitive about six being then turned out to be venomous snakes that was what's that i think i'm sorry i'm on my curveball okay james excuse me you got the computer time in indiana jones character all tend to freak out when he saw snakes break character change mike better explain that appreciate the the thought randy let's talk to zak in saint paul walk in the program i've never been to the play hamilton but i know alexander hamilton was a white guy and all the characters are black i don't know if there is there is there something i'm missing there i don't know i don't know how it's portrayed because you know that's another thing there is in theater this this history of having an actor who is against the type of the character played the character but their portrayal of the character is still as that character it's not hey alexander hamilton a black guy now it's i'm a black guy who's playing the white man alexander hamilton and i don't know if that's how they're doing it because i haven't seen it either or if they're if they're trying to portray him as being black i guess i could understand it as if all the major characters were black and the whites report trade you know in that time secondclass citizens rolereversal that's just something that's developed.

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