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It has a business model that requires rules and regulations across the world to change too to accommodate the the culture is one thing getting a business model that works without having to fight every morning against world sort of uber verses everybody needs a business model that that can work without having to do that needs lots of changes sort of from top to bottom true to operations to business model eric many newish companies face this notion of win is at the time to switch from the founder to some other image of a co this came early tubert seeds yao well travis is a really extreme personality know google face this and they bright in eric schmitt to be ceo the founders did it voluntarily and then one of the founders to back the ceo post and it worked well for everybody facebook famously has berg apple had jobs left thrown out came back it's pretty common but it's not come and have a personality the strongest travis is and you know he's not completely going away he still has a lot of shares and travis kalanick will retain his seat on the board of directors at uber not quite sure how many shares he does have but apparently significant yeah he still has technically voting control he'll still beyond the board and you know that's probably not bad because he he clearly has been outvoted by his board but they'll still yet to have his voice had his energy have his insight it might actually be the best of both the important thing was to clear the deck and heaven new see y'all who's not part of the uber call peter erik gordon a professor at the university of michigan's ross school of business thank you for your insights my pleasure david checking the live markets the day after crude oils latest plunge into the market territory in new york trading crude.

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