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The pride passion that patents of college football lives here. This is the Paul fine bomb show hour one podcast. And welcome, we've made it to the middle of the week. A lot to do today. Thanks for joining us on four 20. You know we're going to be high throughout this program. Good afternoon. Welcome and let's get going right now. And talk about what is on the minds of everyone and that's the college football season. One of our guests will be joining us for a few minutes. He ranked the SEC east QBs and who does he have at the top? How about hand in hooker? Spencer Rattler stetson Bennett, levis, AR-15, Brady cook. How about that name in Mike Wright? That's according to John Adams of the Knoxville news sentinel. Lane kiffin? He has a game this weekend. And will this be the biggest test of lane kiffin's head coaching career today, according to an article? New quarterback. New D.C., new kiffin. Lincoln's still talking about himself. What is surprising about that? Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. As much as my family and I love Norman and cherish the I'm already seeing the BS coming out of this quote. The success we were having on the field, sometimes life throws you curve balls. At the most unexpected times, honestly, I always figured I would end my coaching career at OU, but when my agent blame it on the agent called to pass along interest in USC, I was immediately intrigued by the possibilities. Forget the fact that he was already negotiating with LA Shu and who knows who else Lincoln Riley do not expect anyone in America to believe that horse that horse chapel. Oscar she boy announced today that he is coming back for another year. What about it? Oscar. I'm a person who I don't make a decision. A bed is what I think is good for me. So I think in most of the time I pray for it and it has to be guided what it is good for me I can do. So we've been in fasting and praying with my family, my mom, everybody. To try and ask a guy for decision to help us. So I asked a guy, you have brought me I became the national player of the year. I became every way by why my name is none of the first one. I always wanted to be a lot of repeat top 2015, but I had a guy so why I'm not there yet. So God has told me he's not done with me yet, so I decide and he told me like he would want me to go back and just walk because he's not done with me in this place here. So I'll be back again so I'll be here next year for Kentucky I would be in the blue and taking next year again. More in I L news. A three star defensive tackle worth a half a million of four Star Wars a million. Sounds good to me. The sticker shock. Of college football recruiting according to the athletic. John Quincy Adams will join us here in a few minutes. J Bill is on she way in NIL, Candace story Lee on some big announcements at Vanderbilt. She is the athletic director. Ross dellinger and Stuart man Dell and your phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. We begin with Skywalker, go right ahead. Happy fine ball four 20 doctor Paul. And honor of everyone being chilled today on four 20. I'd like to propose a friendly four 20 phone a feud with the inaugural match between cat daddy and miss fight. And do you like maid of power as Paul? There's this place down here in dolphin island that makes bacon mayor pie so good. I composed the bacon later pass on. Here it goes. Bacon made a pie, bacon made a pie. Ain't nothing better than apparently he is taking the holiday too seriously. John is up next. Hello, John. Hey, Paul. Happy hump day or is it hemp day? I didn't hear that. That guy was one took over the line if you asked me. I've got an NAL question, but I have to tell you yesterday's show is very entertaining. My daughter comes by Tuesday and Thursday and she says, did you hear Amy? And I said, yeah. Oh man. She's smoothly, she moves smoothly more from Peter to an acronym for Richard and she was enough before you knew it happened. Yeah, I got snookered on that one. And started dabo, and then the fashion critic cat daddy turned your finely tailored pinstriped suit known as the Don or mafia down to tear into a burial outfit. And I want you to know Jackie that right before I came in today, I stopped by the goodwill drop off and that suit now sleeps with the fishes. And Jim's evil twin returned. They wrote me a receipt for the value of it. The guy said, well, I'll be generous. She seemed like a nice guy. I'll go 25 bucks. Buy you a cup of coffee. And then Jim's evil twin returned after having what I thought was a really respectful nice call with the archbishop last Friday. I want to say this about Jim, and I think I got a little bit taken away with one of the other callers, but I'm glad Jim did call in at the end of the show because it was only right that I expressed to him what the archbishop told me and the archbishop was sincere about the conversation. As was Jim in his conversation with him, yeah, I agree. And if he practiced the Bible and turned the cheek or returned someone takes a poke at him, he wouldn't be the show spinata. It's just my feeling on Jim. Well, and by the way, thank you for making that last stop at good Friday. So special with the archbishop. Thank you very, very much, John. You'd be well. You take care of yourself. Mac is up next in Baltimore. Hello Mac. Hey, Paul. Happy Wednesday. I hope you're doing well today. We are, thank you. I know that you got Jay Bellas coming on. So I was hoping if you could ask him, you know, she would return and Kentucky fans got to be excited. He's a returning national player of the year. But in recent history, most teams that make a deep run and even win the national championship are not revolved around a stud center or big man. Right. In my opinion, I think that this commitment really just means that Kentucky isn't winning the national championship next year. There have a good year could repeat his SEC player of the year, but you know, the tournament goodbye. You can't win with him. Yeah, I'm really glad he's coming back. He seemed very sincere in what he said. There's a lot of speculation in the bluegrass tonight that he is going to profit from it. And why not? He deserves it. He is the real deal, but she way coming back is not going to get Kentucky to the final four. They need a lot more than that. I think that him coming back means that a 100% they aren't, you know, regardless of the way I can't make that statement. I mean, I could probably, I could probably say you're right based on Kentucky's track record in recent years. We'll talk to Jay. He knows a lot more about it than I do. John Adams is coming up in a minute, John Q Adams will join us talking about hindon.

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