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Noon am 970 the answer hey debbie do heym is out there 751 happy friday debbie rowe day yeah ready for some fathers again let's see what's happening right now joe the status they parkway eastbound getting outer central lavender valleys train accident blocking several lanes over there it out there for quite a while from type an investigation going on around the seven changing delays witness sake don't problems also heavy it'd be taking over to the huge rain delays up town listen i think happens there as well let's go over to the hudson river rivercrossing still twenty and at the g devil you the lincoln tunnel 15 to 20 highlights still about 25 eight east exit sixty eight getting out tortilla teaneck and richfield harken accident just be fair garden state parkway heart at one thirty eight hitting reports of an accident traffic is slowing down for you on the southbound new york state's her way 14th down for the tap and theme graduate son flare let's take it over to the sprains out of one hundred see ongoing construction across county east found at north eleven savon to mount vernon accident just cleared away nine eight hitting kantor the area i asked for it adam doubts ferry watch often african voter main you now know where it after gallon teddy do heym am 970 the answer w i have a date alone maybe the 25th science i'm gonna be a wave tom baby the deal sorry sorry eat take my we have to fight date that works for both of us so maybe the first monday at a cellular goes the related oldbury cost we are we gotta go where go to harrys you let me go i told her second you're all my friends i have no time that i i love you wwe right there at the debbie she's a dear friend a glorious glory the human beings surely is not the bids a talented a beautiful ray so i said her via email a gift of harry's dot com she when harry they're gone so she got the harry's razors i keep telling you about shave their legs paul the rest is history it say.

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